Paragliding in Medellín

It wasn’t until I arrived to Colombia that I heard about the opportunity to go paragliding or “parapente“. The primary topics of the country had always revolved around coffee, the beautiful women, its drug filled past & the recent surge in tourism. This afternoon in San Felix, would change all of that.

After a short taxi ride to the North bus station we caught our bus up into the some of the most scenic Andes mountain ranges you could experience just a little more than 45 minutes up an aggressive, death defying two way road outside of Medellin. With each turn brought a “wow & please maybe just take this next turn a bit slower”.

Thankfully, our maniac driver kept us between the lines

Gibbo getting set up
Gibbo getting set up

Signing up for a paragliding tour for about 130.000 COP or roughly $43 was one of the best choices we had ever made. The GTopik crew made the experience effortless with a walk through safety video (incredible dry & hilarious), more beautiful scenery, & perhaps the hardest part of the day, a torturous 10 minute walk up the stairway to heaven to the launch zone.

Straight up
Straight up

After catching our breath from the scenery & the workout, we were ready to fly. We were certain that they used these stairs to dissuade anyone who was on the fence about doing this activity as it gave you that “am I really going through with this?”. The zone was nothing but good energy & roughly 70 people partaking, waiting, watching & enjoying the scenery.

Once we checked in up top I was in the air 5 minutes later. Felipe my pilot was gregarious, experienced, & nothing but the perfect fit for my first time. Did I forget to mention? We also made it back to land so another box checked. We strapped in, took about 5 steps, and were off into the Andes mountain range. Unreal scenery, a bit of nervousness (mucho) & 15 minutes later we were back safely on the ground.

So was the $43 worth it? Best money I have ever spent, aside from buying the ticket to get to Colombia & being able to partake in this adrenaline pumping sport. Interested in getting your feet off the ground & soaring through the sky? Check out GTopik with the information below.

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