More than a day trip in Guatape, Colombia

It’s 5pm and you’re sitting in your Medellin hostel deciding on your next days activities. Paragliding? Communa 13 tour? Pablo Escobar tour followed by rooftop drinks at Envy? Guatape? All excellent choices but if you’ve decided on Guatape & have the time, make sure it’s more than one day.

Guatape. Tucked away deep in the Colombian hills roughly 2 hours from Medellin (depending on who you’re driver is) is an oasis that is much more deserving than a 6 hour tour. Escaping the concrete jungle of Medellin & cruising into the tranquil city of Guatape, it’s an easy place to relax for a few days & let nature work it’s magic.

Nature. The main reason for this venture is the obvious, El Peñon de Guatape Aka “the best view in the world”. After a 700 stair ascent to the viewing platform it’s obvious why people journey for this view, just look at it. The beauty far exceeds these shots & every step is worth it once reaching the top. Refreshments are available for those in need of that afternoon, early morning, or sunset cerveza.

As you can see from this viewpoint, nature is your playground. With an abundance of water, water activities range from wake boarding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, boat cruising & many more. If you fancy your dinner to be moving, you can even dine on a moving yacht for your hearts desire.

Water isn’t the only playground here. With miles & miles of trails to choose from, the most adventurous can hike or hire a bike to some lightly trekked trails that finish at waterfalls, hidden lagoons, & secluded lookouts. Popular day trips include those to San Rafael.

Green & blue aren’t the only colors this place offers. Touted as one of the most colorful cities of Colombia, the city center & it’s adjacent streets offer a new color combo around every corner. Uplifting & inspiring, those with artistic visions will find it here. Go ahead and count the colors, you will lose track fast.

Now where do you stay after you’ve taken in all the sights for a day? Casa Rosa Hostel. More of a home stay than a hostel, Francesca is a wonderful host and especially great for those looking to improve their Spanish. With a perfect location a block away from the center & a low key vibe, Casa Rosa lets you slow down & find some tranquility.

Another popular option for backpackers is Lakeview Hostel. I didn’t stay here but many people I met in the city did and loved their time there. Also highly regarded is Thai Terrace which is above Lakeview Hostel.

Have you been to Guatape? Comment your favorite part of the city.

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