Medellín Kite Day aka Assumption of Mary Day

Yesterday was Assumption of Mary day aka go fly your kite day in Colombia. The masses took to the air with their kites as the country celebrated one of their many national holidays. How many holidays do they celebrate? I don’t know but google might 😉 .

Below we have Pueblo Paisa where it was a madhouse of families fighting for airspace atop of the city. The beautiful setting was complemented by constant laughter, joking & nonstop string dodging.

The highlight of this day was the involvement of the entire family. Most of the time it seemed as if the parents were the ones having the most fun, grandparents too! Also the usual kite stuck in one of the many trees and cell towers surrounding the platform.

Post Pueblo Paisa we took to another viewpoint over the city at El Volador. This park had even more action & was a stunning setting for sunset. This is the spot to check out if you want a 360 view light show of the city

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