13 things you will constantly see in Medellín, Colombia

Oh the beauty of the unknown. Is that the beauty of travel? Not knowing what smell, sound or sight is around every corner. For some that is a complete nightmare whereas myself and many others, ideal.

Bussing into Medellín I had no idea of what to expect except for hoards of people nestled into the Andes mountain range. After 2 weeks of exploration, here is a list of what I have regularly seen while roaming the streets of Medellín. These are in no particular order but particularly normal.

Fútbol uniforms

Medellín, Colombia

Futbol uniforms. For sale & people wearing them. Everywhere. South America is well known for its futbol fans, and particularly here there is no shortage of uniforms around the city.

Menu del días

Menu Del Día. Medellín, Colombia

The infamous food offerings found everywhere throughout the city. Enjoy these meals as they are filling & easy on the wallet.

Street vendors.

Street Vendors. Medellín, Colombia

Food, clothing & whatever else your mind can think of will be sold on the streets. It Can be annoying with everyone constantly trying to sell you something, but a kind “no gracias” will have you on your way.


Metro Que. Medellín, Colombia

Metro lines are no joke during rush hour here and the lines here to buy tickets can painfully long. ⬆️ If you can, buy your tickets when there is no que.

3 Bandas

The ever confusing 3 Bandas. Medellín, Colombia

Colombians like to have fun and this is one of their many ways they like to enjoy themselves. Expect to see this game being played just about everywhere. I still don’t understand this game and probably never will but it’s a staple here for sure.


There’s no surprise for this one. Probably the most recognized Colombian activity worldwide, Salsa plays a major role in the fabric of this country. Everywhere and anywhere has it.


Sold everywhere & about every time of the day, it’s impossible to miss or not try this country favorite.


Gibbo con Aprepa con queso. Medellín, Colombia

Some with queso, chocolate or neither. Have your pick as they are delicious.


The Colombian drink of choice. Sip, don’t shoot. Slow, not fast. Is the motto of this beverage. Can almost guarantee you will be offered this drink at some point throughout your trip.


Communa 13 Tour. Medellín, Colombia.

There seems to be a never ending amount of tours in Medellin, which is great, but choosing with limited time can make things tough. Follow my 4 Day Guide for some of the best tours the City has to offer here:


Crazy driving

Upon entering my first taxi it was clear that drivers are reckless here. I think it’s calculated recklessness but be careful on yields as drivers rarely will stop for pedestrians.


Hija Mía. Medellín, Colombia

You guys were just waiting for this one I know . Everywhere you will find it. Some better than others but another important piece of the puzzle in Medellín.

Street Performers

These guys are magicians I swear. Some of the best street performers I have seen have been in Medellín. Walk down just about any street and a red light will welcome you with a memorable show.

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