As San Francisco’s rent prices skyrocket and more people continue to flock to the city, other Bay Area options are making headlines. One of these places is Oakland aka “The Town”. Although rent isn’t as high as its neighbor, it still is relatively high, just more affordable. Now, with some of that money to be used for disposable income, what Uptown Oakland Bars deserve your money?

So you want a few good joints to grab a beer and or a few cocktails?

5 Uptown Oakland Bars you need to visit:

  • Drakes Dealership
  • Legionnaire Saloon
  • Athletic Club
  • Make Westing
  • Cafe Van Kleef

Drakes Dealership

This joint is always a good time. Although you will be paying a little bit more for beers (+$1-$2) its worth it. The open aired patio equipped with fire pits and live music + food makes this a no brainer. Check out the old post dedicated to Drakes here _____ .

Legionnaire Saloon

A classic Oakland Irish bar that provides more than strong drinks at good prices. Most days have some type of event that keeps the crowd constant and lively. Sundays special start at 8PM and run to 10 PM with $2 Beers. Located around the block from Drakes, this is an easy option for before or after.

Make Westing

uptown oakland bars

Prime Location on Broadway and excellent drink prices allow patrons too really enjoy themselves. Make Westing also features two indoor Bocce Ball courts to really amp up the combination of booze and fun. They do get busy so you might be waiting to play for a bit unless you ar early and are dominating the court.

The Athletic Club

Newly opened but a quality spot to watch any type of sporting event with the abundance of TVS they offer. The original Athletic Club in Lower Pac Heights in SF has done well enough for this place to knock it out of the park too. They offer bathtubs full of beer for those really looking to get into the game. You can find cheaper drinking options around but this place is all about the camaraderie.

Cafe Van Kleef

An Oakland classic. Van Kleef is well known among locals for their greyhounds presented with freshly squeezed grapefruit and eclectic array of items inside. This is one of Oakland’s oldest and most popular, so make sure you do yourself a favor and give it a shot!

More than Uptown Oakland Bars

Oakland has plenty of other options and plenty of other awesome bars. These are just a few I know better than the rest and the ones that I consistently find myself returning too. If there’s a bar that you think I should discuss or recommend, drop a comment and I will do my best too get there!

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Thank you for reading and if you want to book me for any Bay Area Photography ideas, follow that link. Until then, drink up responsibly and enjoy what you have in front of you. If you end up in front of The Fox, make sure you catch at least one show there!

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