9 FREE activities in Medellín, Colombia for every Backpacker

Poblado, Medellin
Poblado, Medellin

Free is always the desirable price, isn’t it? But as we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whether you have spent all of your money on cheap beers and are just holding on by a thread. Or you are just looking to save few more pesos, here is a list of free activities you should take advantage of in Medellín.

Free City Walking Tour

Not exactly free as it operates on tips, but a must do activity. The amount of information presented and sights visited is worth its weight in gold (pesos). Tours operate daily & have three different time slots. Based on experience, try to book at least a day or two in advance.

In a perfect scenario you do this upon arrival so you get the best lay of the land of Medellín. Trust me & the hoards is others who have done it, it’s worth it.

Book here:


Parque Botánico

The Botanical Gardens are a perfect place to stroll, read a book and take in the sunshine. Situated next to Universidad station, this is a great place to lose track of time or get your legs moving in a lovely setting. The Gardens host a range of activities year-round, so check the schedule and see if there is something while in town.

Cable Cars

If you don’t exit the metro station at the 3 metro cable stops, you can ride them up and down for free. These are A MUST do while exploring Medellin as they give you glimpse of life up in the poorer barrios as well as an outstanding perspective of the city.

Minista MarketMinista Market . Medellín, Colombia

Minista Market . Medellín, Colombia

Craving some exotic or typical local fruit? This place has it all. It’s a wild ride roaming these market corridors & for those who want a sensory enhancement, make this a stop on your Medellin itinerary. Easily accessible from the metro, I urge everyone and anyone to stroll through this Mercado.

Estadio Parque

Estadio Parque. Medellín, Colombia

This complex is a Mecca for anyone into fitness or sports. There is an outdoor gym, skatepark, volleyball court, baseball field, basketball courts, swimming pools & more. The list is lengthy so come by for the daily array of organized or impromptu action. You’re surely to find something that will get your heart rate up without spending a dime.

Puebla Paisa

Puebla Paisa. Medellín, Colombia

A tourist trap but a definite winner for incredible citywide views. This gem is well worth the journey from wherever you are, especially at sunset. When the winds are strong expect a crowd flying their kites into the Medellín skyline.

Spanish Immersion

Looking to improve your Spanish game? Chat up anyone on the streets to see if you can learn some new phrases / master your basics. Another Backpacker & local favorite option that may be less intimidating than going up to a stranger is Language meet ups. These are a great way to learn quickly & meet other travelers. Also these can be an invaluable resource to learn the most about the city you’re in to maximize your time wherever you may be.

Volunteer in Communa 13

Communa 13 niños & myself. Medellin, Colombia

Every Wednesday Communa 13 offers you a chance to teach English for free. What better way to see one of the most popular parts of Medellín & give back to the community. You could also just go up there and help anyone in need. The free choice is yours.

Pub Quiz @ Barrio Central

I haven’t been to this one yet but it comes as a suggestion from one of my friends in the Laureles Neighborhood. Already a popular spot for a weeknight or weekend drink, this place is perfectly situated off of Calle 70 for all of your evening activities. Every Monday night @ 8pm, come for the free entry & possibly the crown. They also offer a variety of other events to keep your schedules full. Bilingual! As I know most of you only speak one language

These are only a few free options that you can take advantage of. What are some of your favorite free things to do in Medellín? Let me know so I can update the list & make all of your Backpackers Times here in Medellín more memorable.

If you are looking for more ideas or some excellent tours to check out, take a look at this guide to some tours of the city.


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