Activities in Oakland California: What to do in the Town

Activities in Oakland California: What to do in the Town Oakland, California. There are so many activities in Oakland, California to choose from. Lately the San Francisco shadowed city has been gaining much more popularity and spotlight. Mainly for soaring rental rates driving people across the bridge but for a plethora of other reasons asContinue reading “Activities in Oakland California: What to do in the Town”

5 Uptown Oakland Bars that You NEED to visit Today

As San Francisco’s rent prices skyrocket and more people continue to flock to the city, other Bay Area options are making headlines. One of these places is Oakland aka “The Town”. Although rent isn’t as high as its neighbor, it still is relatively high, just more affordable. Now, with some of that money to beContinue reading “5 Uptown Oakland Bars that You NEED to visit Today”

Eat & Drink your way through North Beach, San Francisco

So you’re headed to arguably the best section of San Francisco and are clueless of what you want to eat or drink? Follow along to make the most of your time in this electric neighborhood For beginners, most thoughts that will come to mind when someone mentions North Beach is “The Italian Neighborhood”. Yes wellContinue reading “Eat & Drink your way through North Beach, San Francisco”

Mexico Drone Travel: Images from Above

Mexico Drone Travel: Images from Above Here is a visual representation of my time doing some Mexico Drone Travel. Mexico gets a bad rep and I’m sure we all know what for. But if you look past that and take the chance to see the country, you will be inundated with moments and memories forContinue reading “Mexico Drone Travel: Images from Above”

Mexico City Travel: Backpack CDMX Today!

Welcome to Mexico City. Bienvenidos a Mexico City. You have found yourself in the right place and hopefully at the right time. Your decision to visit this city is the first step to what you’ll learn too be an excellent decision. Now let’s begin on your Mexico City travel tour. Mexico City Travel Food NeighborhoodsContinue reading “Mexico City Travel: Backpack CDMX Today!”

Santa Cruz Time-lapse: West Side GoPro Run

Here is a Santa Cruz time-lapse I did a few months back that came out entirely unexpected. When I say entirely unexpected I mean I had no intention of capturing such an interesting reflection of the sun roof. Take a peek at how it came out below. Also if you’re in the Santa Cruz areaContinue reading “Santa Cruz Time-lapse: West Side GoPro Run”

I know it’s Taco Tuesday but..

I can guarantee the weekend is already on your mind. Are you planning on staying in the bay, taking your self up to Tahoe for some fresh powder, or maybe making your way to Santa Cruz? If the later was your choice, here is a taste of what you’re in for.     Make sureContinue reading “I know it’s Taco Tuesday but..”

Inspiration Point: Orange County Travel

As it’s name suggests, Inspiration Point provides a dose of inspiration to those who visit. Nestled in the cliffs of Corona Del Mar, Inspiration Point is a gorgeous viewing platform overlooking Corona Del Mar State Beach. How do I get too Inspiration Point? Google Maps! Yes seriously. Inspiration Point is fairly straightforward too access. MakeContinue reading “Inspiration Point: Orange County Travel”

Drakeing and Thriving

Drakes Dealership on Broadway & 23rd is a restaurant that everyone needs to find themselves at sooner than later. With more than 32 beers on tap, a menu of experimental pizzas, fire pits, and an open air beer garden, Drakes delivers on all ends of the spectrum. How could i forget? Live music is alsoContinue reading “Drakeing and Thriving”

Bay Area Treasure: Treasure Island

Bay Area Treasure: Treasure Island Bay Area Treasure. Treasure Island aka T.I. aka the most driven over island in the Bay, is an absolute gem. For the local who has seen it at all hours, knows what others who haven’t stopped, do not. The place is full of treasure just not in the literal sense.Continue reading “Bay Area Treasure: Treasure Island”