Grand Lake Theatre – Flying High at Oakland’s Grand Lake Theatre

Here is one of my latest productions that I am glad to show from Oakland, California. It is of the Grand Lake Theatre. The Grand Lake Theatre is a haven for Bay Area photographers/movie goers. With its beautiful exterior, especially lit up at night, it’s easy to see why its been crowned as the top Bay Area movie venue 3 years running. Aside from its stunning exterior, the interiors aesthetic is breathtaking as well.

History of the Theatre

The Grand Lake opened in 1926 by the Reid Brothers for West Coast Theaters Inc. A serious of expansions have happened over the years to increase size and update its rustic appearance. The best day to visit? ….

! TUESDAY! $5 Tickets for all shows, all day !

Cost of admission any other day is $11 and $6 matinees.

Bay Area Drone, Oakland
Oakland, California

Have you been to the Grand Lake Theatre recently? What is your favorite bar to grab a drink before or after a show? Restaurant? I’m always looking for a new spot.

For those who are looking for some of the best places to spend your hard earned dollars in The Town, look at some of my old posts where I lay it all out for you.

oakland drone

I have always wanted to get on this rooftop for a photo shoot, but for now, this drone shot will have to suffice. As a fanatic of drones and this area, is there a particular spot in the area you wish to see highlighted on the site? If so, comment below and or send me an email so we can turn dreams to realities.

Grand Lake Theatre
Grand Lake Theatre

I am a movie fanatic but I really don’t get inside to see many. However, this July 13th don’t miss out on the release of Boots Riley, Sorry to Bother You. I mention this because the movie was filmed in Oakland and has had a few pre release view parties to get people buzzing about this hometown made flick. See you there.

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