Treasure Island San Francisco: A Bay Area Treasure

treasure island

Treasure Island San Francisco aka T.I. aka the most driven over island in the Bay, is an absolute gem. For the local who has seen it at all hours, knows what others who haven’t stopped, do not. The place is full of treasure just not in the literal sense.

Although sparsely populated with relatively little happening, the allure of Treasure Island is in the incredible views of San Francisco & the East Bay. With construction underway the island still feels deserted on weekdays & never to crowded on weekends. The impact can be felt but it surely still has its treasure. 

Let’s Dive deeper into why you should make your way out to Yerba Buena Island

Best Things to do on Treasure Island

Treasure Island Flea Market

Check the schedule but every sunday of the summer, T.I back street turns into a giant Flea Market. This is a Bay Area bucket list activity.

Woods Beach Club

The Bay Area has some excellent breweries to discover, but there’s something special about the Woods Beach Club on Yerba Buena. Whether it be the unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge, watching boats set sail or the man made beach, the Woods Beach Club is worth a trip.

Play Bocce Ball in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean

It’s not an everyday thing to play Bocce Ball in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Head over to this Treasure Island Winery, Sol Rouge, to play a round of Bocce with new friends or foes. 

Join a Treasure Island SF Winery or all 7

It’s an oddity but there are 7 wineries on Treasure Island! These wineries aren’t growing grapes native to the island but they are open to the public for tastings.

Dine at Mersea

Come for the view, stay for the food at Mersea aka “Island Oasis”

Master Photography

Treasure Island is one of the best spots for photography in the Bay Area. Although tough to get too during the best hours of the day because of traffic, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Find the Best Place to Photograph in the Bay Area!

Bike Treasure Island

Because riding a Bike around an island is always fun! Take the bus from SOMA bus station and be on the island 15 minutes later

Set Sail at Clipper Cove

Hire a boat, find a friend with a boat, or heck, steal one! (Just kidding) Find a way to Clipper Cove when its warm or just sail around the island. You won’t regret it

Treasure Island San Francisco Events

Because of Covid-19 and new projects on Yerba Buena Island, things will be a bit different this year. However, keep your calendars in check because Treasure Island does have some amazing events that it hosts like the Treasure Island Music Festival, Flea Markets and many more.

Bay Area Photographer Booking

Treasure Island is one for those who want to enjoy the most of their Bay Area experience. 

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Looking for more helpful Bay Area Travel Guides? Read on below for some spots that you should make your way too when in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for reading and hope we will cross paths in the future.

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