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When the sun is shining & the weather is sweet, the Bay Area is a hard place to beat. A shining star when the weather is right, the Bay Bridge, which connects two important cities, is also home to Treasure Island. Here is all you should know about Treasure Island and some Bay Bridge Photos

Where is Treasure Island?

Bay Bridge

Treasure Island is located in between Oakland’s East Bay and San Francisco. It sits roughly 3 miles off shore from either side of land and is the main hub that connects each city.

Bay Bridge

How Much Does it Cost to drive across to Treasure Island?

The Toll to cross the bridge is $7. Keep that in mind as it can add up if you go frequently.

Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge Drone


Are you heading across the bridge this weekend for some photography adventures? Make sure to stop at Treasure Island and snap some scenic photos of the East Bay and San Francisco. It’s shocking to hear how few people have actually made the stop at Treasure Island to embrace the beauty of the region.

If you do decide to take the trip to Treasure Island, make sure to stop at a few favorite spots.

  • Woods Island Brewery
  • Clipper Cove
  • Mersea

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Things have changed at Treasure Island but don’t let that stop you from going. The place is wonderful and has a lot that you still can do, just not as much. If you need help or suggestions ask me or dive into some other resources on my site. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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