Bay Bridge Drone

When the sun is shining & the weather is sweet, the Bay Area is a hard place to beat. A shining star when the weather is right, the Bay Bridge, which connects two important cities, is also home to Treasure Island. Enjoy the video and gallery below.



Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge Again
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge


Are you heading across the bridge this weekend for some fun filled activities? Check some of my other posts if you aren’t sure of what bar or restaurant you want to spend your time at.

Some weekend activities to keep yourself busy:


North Beach Festival – June 16th + June 17th (10AM-6PM)

Pride Festival – Civic Center – 12PM

1st Annual Lake Fest Oakland – Lake Merritt – 11 AM – 7PM



TreasureFest – Formerly Treasure Island Flee Market

SF Pride Parade – Market Street – 10:30 AM – 6PM

Pride Festival – Civic Center – 11AM


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