National Ice Cream Sandwich Day & Oakland Drone

  Yes, here is another one from the gem of the Bay, Lake Merritt. Not sure what brought you here but enjoy the views while they last. All hands, feet, and arms must be kept inside the fully autonomous drone at all times. Seatbelts fastened as well. This is the full length feature rather thanContinue reading “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day & Oakland Drone”

Katchafire live @ Cornerstone Berkeley

Katchafire. No these guys are not arsonists but they do bring the flame with their electric reggae sound. Hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand, these Kiwis are a testament to timeless reggae spirit. Turning the clocks back, these guys started as a Bob Marley cover band and as their skills and popularity grew, transformed into oneContinue reading “Katchafire live @ Cornerstone Berkeley”

Oakland Art Galleries: Oakland’s Street Art

Oakland Art Galleries: Oakland’s Street Murals Oakland is blessed with some amazing artists throughout a range of professions. Whether it be music, dance, writing, the city has a special breed of artist. Here we are looking at the talented street artists that transform blank street walls into political and informational masterpieces. These pieces are showcasedContinue reading “Oakland Art Galleries: Oakland’s Street Art”

I know it’s Taco Tuesday but..

I can guarantee the weekend is already on your mind. Are you planning on staying in the bay, taking your self up to Tahoe for some fresh powder, or maybe making your way to Santa Cruz? If the later was your choice, here is a taste of what you’re in for.     Make sureContinue reading “I know it’s Taco Tuesday but..”

San.d Clemente… by drone

San Clemente,CA. one of my favorites cities along the California PCH. If you have a chance or are in the area make it a priority to stop into this surf town. Flooded with multiple breaks along the coast surfers appetites will be fulfilled & beach goers eyes comforted. Walk your away across the tracks andContinue reading “San.d Clemente… by drone”