5 Medellin Cafes to Slip Into

Medellin Cafes are as abundant as the lakes of Michigan. Around every corner you’re bound to find one you’ve probably never seen before, especially in Poblado or Laureles. There’s no surprise that Colombia plays host to a range of exotic, enticing & adventurous things, but one thing really knows how to create a buzz. (Pun intended)………..


Without a doubt, Coffee is one of the most important aspects of Colombian culture. From social gatherings to job creation, Coffee is intertwined in various avenues of daily life. Although many Colombians still prefer a cheap & heavy sugared cup (tinto), the rise of cafe culture has changed peoples drinking and behavior habits.

Being a producer of some of the best Coffee worldwide, Medellín will keep your cup half full with a range of excellent cafes to choose from. If you’re lucky enough to be in Colombia but more specifically, Medellín, make sure to slip into any of these outstanding options.


My first coffee experience in Medellin & still probably my favorite. From the coffee quality, staff & ambiance, this place doesn’t disappoint. Located in foreigner central, Poblado, Pergamino is a gem worth trekking to if not staying in the area. Food options are excellent especially the delectable chocolate almond croissants.

Hija Mia

This quaint corner cafe spot is one that can easily be missed if you haven’t had your first cup of morning joe. New Zealand owner, Shaun runs this joint & has outfitted the place almost entirely from Australia or New Zealand aside from the antiques & decorations provided by his father in laws shop from Medellín. All of the coffee is roasted on site which makes the aroma of this place worth your while. Get here as soon as you can. Try some Mani Bros peanut butter, a side venture Shaun has pursued with a fellow New Zealander.

Café Revolución

Since moving over to the Laureles Area, I’ve racked up countless hours at this fantastic coffee spot. Multiple roasting options, knowledgeable staff and a nice environment make this a mus stop cafe. With its success a 2nd storefront has been added to cater to the flocks of people who call this their go to cafe. Be apart of the loyalty club with 8 purchases to get yourself a free drink of choice. Coffee & writing workshops as well as weekly trivia makes this much more than just a place for a buzz.

Rituales Café

Awarded best coffee in a blind taste test, this is a deserving winner. From the minimalist design to the intricate presentation, it’s straight class top to bottom. Attentive & knowledgeable staff plus food options makes this a must stop when craving that afternoon or morning pick me up. Located in Laureles, make sure to get over here at least once.


A quaint Laureles gem, Algarabia provides the city with another quality cafe and excellent baristas. Cata is a wiz behind the bar & is teeming with information about brewing techniques & styles. Big fan of the vibes in this place and now it’s amidst construction to double it’s cafe. Word on the streets is they offer some of the best cakes in the city.


Recommended to me by multiple baristas, this place always delivers. The vibe is more like a backyard bbq with the welcoming staff & cafe decor. Some days offer grilling on the outdoor patio whereas others is just pure quality cafe & delicious food options to decide from. First timer or daily ritual, Julio & the crew will be happy you have arrived.


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