Drakeing and Thriving

Drakes Dealership on Broadway & 23rd is a restaurant that everyone needs to find themselves at sooner than later. With more than 32 beers on tap, a menu of experimental pizzas, fire pits, and an open air beer garden, Drakes delivers on all ends of the spectrum. How could i forget? Live music is also featured on some nights of the week.


Having it’s foot in the door with its prior success in San Leandro, Drakes opened the dealership after recognizing the growth Oakland has been quickly been adapting to. If you’re in the area come through for a good time and a some satisfying beers. Since they do offer more than 32 beers, I suggest a Denogginizer if you can handle a hop heavy IPA that will surely make your inner thoughts come to life.

If finding street parking is to much for you to fathom, Drakes does offer a private parking lot adjacent to the building. Also, being centrally located offers you the chance to meander the streets if you have an insatiable appetite for something other than beer.




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