Oakland has recently transformed into a popular destination amidst gentrification. Long in the shadows of its older sister city, San Francisco, Oakland’s social scene has exploded. Fine dining, beer bars, and other shops have popped up all over the town. One of the best that’s making headlines, Drakes Dealership,

Drakes Dealership Overview

  • About Drakes/Location
  • Drakes Food
  • Dakes Drinks
  • Parking/Getting Out


Drakes Dealership is a full service kitchen, bar and beer garden, that is one of Oakland’s must visit spots in 2020. Drakes Dealership is located on Broadway & 23rd, right in the heart of Uptown Oakland. 

Don’t get it confused with the original Drakes Brewery in San Leandro. Both are great but make sure you put the right coordinates into your mapquest.

Drakes Dealership Food/Drink Options

Drakes offers more than 32 of their own beers on tap! You will find their flagship and yearly offerings as well as a highly experimental list dependent on season. Food is another piece about Drakes that make it special. Drake’s Dealership Menu Looks like this:

  • Burgers , Nachos, Sandwiches
  • PIZZA – The Pizzas are an absolute must try and for those who dabble with eggs, must try their Pizza complemented by egg.

Drakes Drinks

With more than 32 beers on tap, a menu of experimental pizzas, fire pits, and an open air beer garden, Drakes delivers on all ends of the spectrum. How could i forget? Live music is also featured on some nights of the week. Make sure to check your calendars as something is always popping up at Drakes. Who knows, it could be comedy night the day you are visiting!

Having it’s foot in the door with its prior success in San Leandro, Drakes opened the dealership after recognizing the growth Oakland has been quickly been adapting to. If you’re in the area come through for a good time and a some satisfying beers. 

Since they do offer more than 32 beers, I suggest a Denogginizer if you can handle a hop heavy IPA that will surely make your inner thoughts come to life.

Parking at Drake's Dealership

Drakes does NOT offer a private parking lot! You can find parking on the streets in the area or across the street at the YMCA parking lot. Also, being centrally located offers you the chance to meander the streets if you have an insatiable appetite for something other than beer. BART is also just around the corner for those who need to venture to San Francisco or anywhere else in the East Bay.

Best Oakland Things to do Near Drake's Dealership

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