Drone Photography

Here is my Drone Photography of the years work. Most of these are taken abroad but many from home. If anything appeals to you, please inquire for pricing on all of my Drone Photography prints.

What is the Best Drone for Drone Photography?

The best drone for Drone Photography is the DJI Mavic Pro 2 or a DJI Inspire 2. These drones have a higher MP (megapixel count) and tailored for photos. There are many other capable and amazing drones but I would look into the two listed if you wanted to focus on taking photos. If you can’t afford to pay full or top prices for these premiere drones, there are a handful of other options. DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Phantom.

Where can I buy a Drone?

You can buy a drone directly from DJI. You can also buy a drone from Amazon, Ebay, or BHPHotos. Aside from these places, you can find what you need at a Best Buy, Walmart and for lower scaler drones, Target. 

How much does a Drone cost?

A Drone costs anywhere from $400-$4,000 plus. There are cheaper drones available but the ones at the low end of $400 are when your quality is dramatically better. Most prosumer drones are around the $1,000 mark whereas some top end drones are equipped with all the bells whistles like thermal cameras, speakers, and lights.

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