E 40 Tequila: E Cuarenta Party at Lake Chalet, Oakland

e40 tequila

E 40 aka Earl Stevens, is an iconic Bay Area rapper and businessman. Yesterday, Earl, rolled out his new E 40 Tequila line, E Cuarenta, alongside the new outdoor patio and bar at Lake Chalet. Earl was lively and gregarious, meeting friends, family and fans at the iconic Lake Merritt restaurant. Combined with the warriors game 3 and Taco Tuesday, 40 knows all about timing.

What is E40 Tequila?

E 40 Tequila comes in 3 different styles. Silver, Reposado, or Anejo

Where is E 40 Tequila Made

Mexico – Made from 100% pure agave, this tequila is distilled twice and made in the highest quality using old traditional methods from a boutique style distillery in Jalisco

You can learn more about the tequila distilling process here

Who is E40?

E 40 aka Earl Stevens is a Bay Area rapper, actor, and businessman. His investments include 40 water 40s & now E Cuarenta Tequila. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, his voice surely should.

Here is a track that will highlight not only his unique and memorable voice but his Bay Area slang and energy


Where can I buy E 40 Tequila?

You can buy E40’s E Cuarenta Tequila in Bay Area liquor and grocery stores. Most stores will have their shelves stocked but not all will!

e 40 tequila lake chalet

Where is Lake Chalet?

Lake Chalet is in Oakland, California on the waters of Lake Merritt. Lake Chalet is located at 1520 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612.

Where is Best Taco Tuesday in the Bay?

With the addition of their outdoor bar + delicious & affordable tacos, Lake Chalet is making a case as the best Taco Tuesday spot in the Bay. Put it on your list as a top place in the Bay to check out. Here’s a link to their website if you want more than Tacos, Tostadas & Tequila.

What can I do around Lake Merritt?

Lake Merritt provides visitors with endless activities such as Lake Chalet and new the Lake Chalet outdoor bar. If you need more ideas, read my Lake Merritt Guide

The Bay Area is full of incredible Sunrise and Sunset locations. Follow the link for my Favorite Sunrise/Sunset Locations in the Bay

Looking to do more than just eat and drink away at Lake Chalet? Head over to San Francisco and see the beauty of the city or take a peek at Treasure Island. Whatever you do decide on, you will be glad you went!

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