How to Shoot Sunburst Photos (5 Tips & Photos)

So you want to add a little more flair into your photos rather than just the same sunrise and sunset shots? Perfect. It’s time to add Sunbursts to your repertoire. Whether you’re using a Mirrorless camera, DSLR, or other type of camera, Sunburts are an excellent photography option to know how to execute. Lets look at how to shoot sunbursts with these easy adjustments.

Here are 5 Tips of how to shoot better Sunburst photos

  • Aperture
  • Timing
  • Objects
  • Gear
  • Attitude


The most important aspect of capturing a Sunburst photo starts with your cameras Aperture. A tight aperture means you’re¬†allowing less light into your lens. Aim¬†for the highest aperture your camera allows. I’m typically in the F/16-F/22 range. The higher the aperture, the more blades your lens can make the sun diffract.


Sunrise and sunsets are the optimal times to capture sunbursts. There are are many reasons why but the main one is so the sun doesn’t blow out your image. Because the sun can be blinding and overpowering mid day, “the Golden Hour” which is just before sunrise or sunset, is your best bet.

Object Hunting

how to shoot

When shooting sunbursts, the best way to make the image pop is to find an object you can partially hide the sun behind. Trees, branches, clouds, buildings, are a few that really do a great job to scatter light. If you have no other objects around and a helping hand, have someone put an object in front of the sun.


how to shoot

A camera is only another tool in your toolbox. It all depends on how well you know it and what it’s capable of. Using a proper camera for sunbursts isn’t necessary, but its definitely advantageous. YES you can use your phone to do sunbursts but having a proper camera will make things much easier. I’m no gear head (huge iPhone proponent) but for these shots in particular, you’ll be glad you have the right set up.


As cliche as it is, have fun. Your energy and attitude can dictate a lot about how a shoot is going to turn out. If you go into a session miserable and down on yourself, its likely your photos are going to reflect it. Remember to have fun and be thankful for being able to operate a camera.

how to shoot

These are only a handful of recommendations I have to help you nail that sunburst shot. Once you know how to shoot sunburst shots, it will be addicting and you’ll want to make all your images have that starry feel too them.

Have you experimented with sunburst shooting? Where is your favorite place to capture that perfect sunburst moment?

How to Shoot Sunbursts and More

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