Easy Iphone Photography Tips to Use Now in 2021

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With the rapid advancement of technology, just about everyone now has a camera in their pocket. For good or worse, these cameras are here to stay and are being used to capture memories more than ever. Looking to take better shots without taking an Iphone photography class? Here are 9 easy Iphone photography tips to USE TODAY

9 Iphone Photography Tips to use Today

iphone photography tips
iphone photography tips

The Most important Iphone Photography Tip - Clean Your Lens

It all starts with a clean lens! I can almost guarantee that if you take a look at your lens on the back and front of the phone, that there is some type of smudge or grease on it. Clean it and your shots are already significantly better.

Using the GRID with your Iphone


What’s the GRID? The GRID is simply divides your photo in thirds horizontally and vertically. This activation allows for better framing, straightness, and composition. Low Key one of the best quick fixes to utilize. 


Iphone Photography Hack of the year: Use Headphones to take photos

Looking to take a shot without being obvious? Activate the camera with your headphones plugged in and use the volume button to capture the moment. This also allows for a less shaky image because you’re snapping with a button and not touching the phone.

Adjust and Tap to Focus

Photography is all about finding your subject and focusing on it. Make sure you’re focusing even with your iphone. Tap your screen on your focus point and capture. Want to make sure the whole photo is in focus? Tap the center for best results or depending on conditions, tap around to find out.

Lock Focus with your Iphone

When it comes to Iphone photography tips, lock focus is an extremely important one. Not only for pictures but for video as well. Once you have found your focus point and don’t want it adjusted, hold the screen until a lock AF message appears and you’re good to go.

Rotate and Flip Your Phone

iphone photography tips

Our eyes appeal to many different visual cues. Flip your phone to create some dramatic changes and angles. Angles, angles, angles.

Burst Mode for fast shots

iphone photography tips

Did you know that if you hold the shutter button your iPhone will take consecutive shots until you release? This is one my most used iPhone photography tips, especially for action shots!

Phone Exposure Adjustments

Lighting is constantly changing when you’re out shooting. Exposures are going to vary and to ensure you get the ideal lighting, tap the screen and adjust the exposure to your liking.

Iphone Self Timer Mode

Self Timer Mode is an often forgotten part of Iphone photography. Simply navigate to your camera and find the timer section to activate. The Self timer is excellent for selfies and to ENSURE you get a sharp shot with no camera shake.

Bonus Iphone Photography Tip - Camera Upgrade

As amazing as the Iphone is some of you, myself included, need to use a regular camera. Some cameras that catch my right now are :

Fujifilm XT3 

Sony A6400 – Lenses for Sony A6400

Nikon Z50 

Nikon Z50 vs. Sony A6400


More than just Mobile Photography Tips

How many of these tips did you know? Which one was your favorite? If there is something else that you feel should be added, please let me know

As much as I love using my Drone and Nikon Cameras, the Iphone is easily one of the best camera phones for travel photography. There’s nothing better than snapping some amazing shots from something that slides into your pocket. 

Who else is out shooting with their Iphones on a daily basis? I hope this helps some of you as you continue developing your photo skills. 

Thanks for reading and I will publish a part two to the Iphone photography tips in the future.

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