Lake Merritt may or may not ring a bell for a Bay Area local. In recent years its popularity has grown as the likes of Oakland has with an uprising of new bars, restaurants, and places to live. Here’s why “The Lake”, should be on anyone and everyones to do list in the Bay.

Sunrise & Sunset

Although you won’t be up on a hill or a look out spot, like Grizzly Peak, you will be in the heart of the action at Lake Merritt. With fiery skies and glowing reflections this is a sight to be in person rather than online.

Lakeside Track

Because the weather is so nice in the Bay Area pretty much year round, people are always out doing something. That something, when the weather is right, is hard to beat when you are on the lakeside track taking in the sights. Run, bike, skateboard, skate, walk its all yours on the 3.4 mile track.


A picture is a worth a thousands words they say. If you bring the camera out you are going to have to write a novel for the amount of words that will be captured. The right lighting plus stunning scenery make this area a photographers playground.

Food Choices

How could i have not mentioned food yet? Well, with the punch this place packs its hard to determine whats the best part about it. When its time for you to eat you definitely have found yourself in the right spot. With a variety of food choices at almost any section of the lake don’t be shy about working up an appetite pre meal. I preferably prefer the options on the Grand Side of the lake.

Water Sports

Stand up paddleboards, boating, kayaks, rowing, the world is yours when it’s time for water based activities. Get in there and soak it up. Just don’t drink or swim in the water.

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