Marquette MI Best Local Holiday Gift Guide Ideas NOW

Marquette MI gift guide

Marquette MI like everywhere else in this world is facing some tough times dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic. 

With the holidays rapidly approaching and a number of small businesses struggling to keep the lights on, consider adding any of these local items to your shopping cart for a meaningful and helpful holiday gift!

Marquette MI Holiday Gift Guide Overview

  • Beer Gift Ideas
  • Coffee Gifts Ideas
  • Marquette Foodie Ideas
  • Marquette Shirts/Beanies/Sweatshirts 
  • Mountain Biker Gift Ideas
  • DIY – Craft – Ideas
  • Fitness/Health

For the Marquette MI Beer Lover

Marquette has 5 breweries in town that are all exceptional in their craft. Find your beer drinkers favorite suds, and deliver them some of the fresh stuff! Gift Ideas Include:

  • Growler/Crowler Fills 
  • Brewery Swag
  • Barrel & Beam Custom Boxes
Marquette MI

For the Coffee Consumers

If you are a Coffee drinker in Marquette, your options seem endless for coffee. Pick from any of the best coffee in Marquette and watch their souls awake every morning after. Some awesome Coffee gift options might be:

  • Bag of Beans 
  • New Mug/Thermos 
  • Local Swag
  • Gift Cards
Contrast Coffee Company

For the Marquette MI Foodie

Restaurants might be feeling this pandemic the hardest, so make sure you keep your bellies full and these places open. Some Marquette MI food gifts range from:

  • JAVA BAY GIFT Cards – Gift someone the power of indulging in the BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO in Marquette
  • Giftcards to Any of these Marquette Restaurants 
Cold Weather Photography Gear

For the Person who needs a Marquette Shirt/Beanie/Hoodie

You’re destined to some type of Upper Peninsula knick knack or clothing anywhere in the state. Find some of those memorable clothes to deck out your loved ones here:

  • UP Supply Co – Everything a Yooper Gift Receiver or NMU student might want
  • Yooper Shirts – From Toddlers to Grandparents, Check out the goods here

For the Marquette Mountain Bikers

You all know that the biking in Marquette is top notch, make sure your gift matches the terrain.

Marquette has 5 Bikes Shops in the area and all of them all have something unique to give to your favorite person. Ask your recipient if they need something in particular like one of these: 

  • FAT BIKE – Winter is just about here. Get those Fat Bikes rolling
  • TUNE UP – Bikes operate better when the right pieces are in the right places
  • POGIES – For when the days get Arctic cold
  • Silver Rider Stitch Works – Check out the impressive hand crafted works of Whitney
  • NTN Membership – Because giving back to the community is the move

For the DIY/Creative/Craft Lovers

The city has a range of small businesses focused on hand designed goods and arts & crafts. Here are some places that you will definitely find some memorable gift ideas at:

For the Michigan Fitness & Health Advocates

Health and wealth should be in everyone’s verbatim but it’s not. For the recipients it is, consider adding any of these to your shopping cart:

  • MQT Nutrition Gifts – Gift Cards, Juice Cleanses, Meal Preps!
  • Peak MQT – Get yourself lined up with a Chiro treatment from Dr. Ted
  • Queen City Running Company – Those cold days might be a bit easier in a stylish pair of shoes or gloves
Cold water swimming

For the Michigan Photographer/Photography Enthusiast

Does your husband or spouse keep bugging you about going out to take pictures but you don’t want too or you don’t know where to go? Here are some options:

  • BOOK a Session with me and find the best places to photograph in Marquette
  • Book a Learn your Cameras best settings session with me and start taking better shots today!

Marquette MI Gift Giving Ideas and More

Thank you for reading the Marquette Mi Holiday Gift giving guide. If there is something else you recommend or if you want to show your business on here, drop a comment below. 

This is not a complete list but remember that any of these businesses appreciate any transaction. 

SUPPORT local. That (insert gift here) you bought in town for $2 more, might mean the difference for an owners family and future.

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