Oh the beauty of traveling. The anticipation of what a new destination is ready to unveil. Is that the beauty of travel? Not knowing what smell, sound or sight is around the next corner.

For some that is a complete nightmare whereas myself and many others, ideal. In Medellin, you will discover something different around every corner.


Arriving in Medellín, we had no idea of what to expect except for hoards of people nestled into a section of the Andes mountain range. 

After 1 month in this bustling city, here is a list of what I have regularly seen while roaming the streets of Medellín. These are in no particular order but particularly normal.

Medellin Travel: 13 Things You Will Constantly See

Futbol Uniforms

Medellin Travel

Futbol uniforms. For a country that is as passionate as Colombia is about futbol, it’s no surprise to see the ubiquity of Futbol uniforms around. One day in the city and you’ll understand what I’m describing. There’s no shortage of people wearing and selling these popular pieces of clothing.

Menu Del Dias

Menu Del Dias are infamous food offerings you will find all throughout Medellin and Colombia. Menu del dias usually consist of: meat, salad, fruit, drink, and dessert. The beauty is it’s a lot of food for a cheap price. 

Regularly hovering around the $3 mark. Mainly these are lunch meals and the best are around the Laureles area.

Street Vendors

Food, clothing & whatever else your mind can conjure up is sold on the streets of Medellin. The highest variety of goods are sold in the city center. .


It Can be annoying with everyone constantly trying to sell you something, such as a hair straightener, flashlight or pack of glue, but a kind “no gracias” usually will suffice

Ques - Lines


Medellin to no surprise is dense city. There are a lot of people who make up the population, and those people have to get to and from work. Thankfully, Medellin is blessed with an impressive Metro.

However, these Metro lines are no joke during rush hour. If you can, pre purchase your tickets during slower hours, as cues can be painfully long during peak hours.

Tres Bandas


Colombians are known for their personalities and abilities to create fun. Tres Bandas is just another way a majority of Colombians enjoy their leisurely time. Expect to see this game being played in just about everywhere barrio, poor or rich. I still don’t understand this game and probably never will but it’s a staple here for sure.


Well here’s a shocker, Salsa. Probably the most recognized Colombian activity worldwide, Salsa plays a major role in the fabric of this country. Everywhere and anywhere has it. Although as not infamous as Cali, you can’t go one day without finding somewhere to Salsa.

Colombian Food - Empanadas & Arepas

Colombian Street food is sold almost everywhere and almost every time of the day. Tow foods you will see constantly are: Empanadas & Arepas.  As bad as they are for the body, they are delicious and easy on the wallet. Just another way you can stretch your budget here.


You will notice multiple versions as there is the Colombian and Venezuelan version. Some will be served with cheese, chocolate or neither. Fruits and juices are also a mainstay on the Colombian Street Food scene


Colombia’s national drink of choice. Sip, don’t shoot. Slow, not fast. Is the motto of this beverage. I can GUARANTEE you will be offered this drink at some point throughout your trip. I recommend accepting as Colombia’s don’t take to kindly to those who decline.

Medellin Tours

There seems to be a never ending amount of tours in Medellin, which is great, but choosing the best can be challenging. Find the Best Medellin Tours while you’re here

Crazy Driving

Upon entering my first taxi it was clear that drivers in Medellin are reckless. I think it’s calculated recklessness but be careful on yields as drivers rarely stop for pedestrians.


Coffee can be found everywhere here. Some better than others but another important piece of the puzzle in Medellín. There is a distinction to be made here. Just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean I’m advocating all of it.

Best Coffee Medellin

The street, Tinto Coffee, is sold in tiny cups on most street corners for about .50 cents and is terrible. It’s really just a cup of sugar with low, low grade coffee. 

Medellin Street Performers

Street Performers are special people. Not only are their performances incredible, but their ability to execute routinely. Some of the best street performers I have ever seen in my life have been in Medellín. Walk down just about any street and a red light will welcome you with a memorable show. ALSO, IF YOU STOP & WATCH, TIP

More than Just Medellin

Have you made it to Medellin yet? Have you experienced any of these things that I have? Looking for more than just Medellin travel tips? 

I have perused much of Colombia and have more resources that hopefully will make your trip that much more exciting. Read more about them below:

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