North Shore of Oahu: Where to go!

Aloha and welcome to Hawaii! You probably have planned out a loose itinerary for your trip but don’t get stuck to it. Hawaii is not about sticking to the script and rushing from place to place. Enjoy the aloha spirit and slow down. In this post we will discuss some of the best places you can experience when cruising the north shore!

North Shore of Oahu Overview

  • Food
  • Beaches
  • Hikes
  • Activities

Food Options

north shore of oahu
Sunset Shack

Hawaiins love their food and their is no shortage of incredible options when going to the north shore. The North Shore has a staggering amount of food trucks so don’t blow all your money in one place. If you are coming from the eastern shores (counterclockwise route) on Kamehameha highway you will have multiple food court selections. These are in that order

Kahuku – Food Truck Center featuring one of the islands most famous spots, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.

Ted’s Bakery – Past Kahuku near Sunset Beach. One of the staples of the North Shore. Gets VERY Busy

Foodland/Pupukea – Across the street from Sharks Cove is another Food Truck Area + Foodland.

Haleiwa – Some more upscale and chain restaurants as you enter town and a few food trucks scattered. Just before the end of town lies two different food courts. One has another of Oahu’s favorite, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

ACAI Bowls – Very, Very Popular. Many options. All are amazing.

Here are some of the options for Acai on the North Shore:

Sunrise Shack – Small shack that brings HUGE flavors. This spot is a goldmine on the side of the road across from Sunset beach. Convenience at it’s finest if you’re in need of a bowl and hanging at Sunset or Pipeline.

Haleiwa Bowls – Located right past the bridge in Haleiwa town. This place is very popular and the bowls are amazing

Crispy Grindz – Apart of the Haleiwa town scene, this small Acai joint is a mouth watering bowl that shouldn’t be skipped.


North Shore Beaches

north shore of oahu

The North Shore has an abundance of incredible beaches that will satisfy everyone. Some of the main ones include:

Sunset Beach – One of the first easily accessible beaches of the North Shore. Lots of space but fills up for sunset as the name eludes too. Lovely scenery and has lighter swell than Pipeline just down the beach.

Pipeline – Adjacent to Sunset, Pipeline is home to Big Wave Surfing and is one of the most famous surf spots in the entire world. Experts only here and if you want to enjoy some of the best surfing, come for the winter swell.

Three Tables Beach – Adjacent to Sharks Cove. A nice beach to hang out if you are staying in the area or just want to find a spot to grab some more sun.

Waimea – Dependent on surf conditions and season, go jump of Waimea Rock! Winter brings huge surfing swell through here! Waimea is one of the best beaches when the winter swell isn’t pumping.

Laniakea Beach – TURTLES! High density and spotting for turtles here. You will see hoards of people here when the turtles are hanging on the shore.


north shore of oahu
Ehukai Pillboxes

Ehukai Pillboxes – Spectacular short hike. Very rewarding and amazing view overlooking sunset beach and further north.

Waimea Falls – Easy paved hike to this small but lovely waterfall. I don’t care much for this one as you have to pay an admission fee but very popular for families.

Ka’Ena Point – Great hike that doesn’t get visited as much as it should. Go here for some solitude and lovely coastal hiking. Be aware of your time if you are doing the complete trail.

North Shore Activities

north shore of oahu

The North Shore has so many different things to do. Before doing everything, make sure to relax too!

Sky Diving – Jump out of a plane at Dillingham Airport in one of the worlds most beautiful dropzones!

Shark Diving – Haleiwa is one of the main docking points for shark diving. Read my Shark Diving Guide to learn more

Surfing – If you’re serious about surfing, you have found the right spot. Pipeline and Waimea are world class. Smaller waves can be found near Haleiwa at Haleiwa Beach Park and Chun’s Reef

Snorkeling – Grab your mask and fins and explore the underwater world at Sharks Cove. Highly doubtful you will encounter a shark! Rentals across the street at the food court.

North Shore and more

There are plenty of other North Shore things to do and see but this is just a general overview and some of the most notable. If you are in need of more, please reach out to me and I can help plan a tailored schedule. There’s no worse feeling than not knowing where to go or what to see!

Are you in need of other ideas outside of the North Shore? Oahu has so many other activities that shouldn’t be skipped either.

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As always, thank you for reading! Have you been to the north shore? Where are some of your favorite places to explore when in the North Shore of Oahu? I would love to hear in the comments below. Aloha and see you out there or somewhere else in this world!

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      1. Main island. I was only there 4 days. My family was returning from a tour as missionaries in the Philippines. Our first trip was to a Pizza Hut where we could not stop eating all the beautiful salad fixings – things we had not seen in a long time.

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