Oakland Activities: What to do in Oakland, CA

Oakland, California. Lately the San Francisco shadowed city has been gaining much more popularity and spotlight. Mainly for soaring rental rates driving people across the bridge but for a plethora of other reasons as well. Either way, as Oakland slowly climbs out of San Francisco’s shadow, don’t let these Oakland activities slip through the cracks.

Oakland, California

Lake Merritt 

The most slept on destination has to be Lake Merritt. This place really knows how to shine bright especially when the sun in shining bright in “The Town”. Regardless of weather, people consistently flock around the 3.7 mile lake track on foot, bike, electric scooter, or skateboard. The lake also provides endless food and drink options just across the street. Find out where to fill your stomach or empty your glass here.

Jack London Square

Jack London Square has revamped it’s colors and brought a dilapidated, dangerous area to the forefront of the Oakland scene. Whether its grabbing a drink after a ferry ride or playing Bocce/Bowling at Plank, Jack London is turning itself into a major Oakland destination.

jack london square

Oakland A’s/Raiders/Warriors

Oakland is rooted deep in Sports culture. The Athletics are one of the most successful Baseball franchises to date and their counterparts, are almost equally as impressive. The only problem is that the later two have departed for other regions to play their games.

The Fox

Situated in uptown Oakland, The Fox offers music enthusiasts a historic music venue. Besides it’s famed past, concert goers are spoiled with numerous food and drinks options pre and post show.

the fox, oakland

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park 

Sleeping Beauty should be it’s name. Middle Harbor Shoreline sits quietly tucked away adjacent to the Bay Area’s Bay Bridge. Most Bay Area residents haven’t ventured here, but for those who have know the stunning scenery this destination provides.

oakland activities

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