Lake Merritt Drone

A majority of what I shoot and where I shoot is in and of Oakland, CA. For those who enjoy architecture and stunning scenery in a relatively small area, come & take a peek. The architecture of Oakland has developed in recent years to include some more modern buildings to complement its dated historic past. Around the lake are a number of popular  structures that locals will probably use as landmarks for directions or places to visit.

This is just one of the highlights of a trip to Oakland, Lake Merritt.

One of the more popular places to hang out at the lake, the “Wi Fi Zone” I like to call it as you can see from the photo above.

Above is one of the more infamous condominiums that houses a number of Oakland residents. To its right you can see its immaculate 3rd floor garden joined with the lake to its left.


Need to learn more about the area? Head over to this post that highlights my favorite Sunrise and Sunset spots in the Bay Area. Need anything else? Please reach out to me, so I can answer your questions about the area.

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