Oakland to SF Ferry

How much does the Oakland to SF ferry cost?

A one way adult fare from Oakland to SF costs $7.20. A one way paying with a CLIPPER CARD costs $5.40

Youth (5-18) and Senior Rates (65+) are $3.60  

What times does the Oakland to SF ferry depart?

The Oakland to SF ferry departs at variable times of the day. The times are as follows:
6:45 AM 
8:05 AM
9:30 AM
11:45 AM
2:45 PM
4:45 PM
6:20 PM

How long is the ride from Oakland to SF?

The ride usually takes about 35-40 minutes but can change dependent on conditions

Can I bring my BIKE on the ferry? 

Yes! Bikes are permitted but must be put in the designated bike zone upon boarding. Ask for assistance if needed

How many times have you passed the giant cranes on the Bay Bridge wondering if you could get a closer glimpse of the majestic steel beasts? Well turns out you can, if you know how to get there.

This lesser known spot that I just recently uncovered is Oakland’s Port View Park. For the adventurous, a 10 minute drive from downtown on 7th street will provide ample amounts of crane views, Bay Bridge shots & views of the city.

Cruising to the park may conjure up mixed feelings of I’m lost , is this legal, Ive Gone to far or I hope one of these semis doesn’t plow me. Don’t let these sway you from the light at the end of the tunnel.

More than Oakland Ferry 

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