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Backpacking Salento’s Valle De Cocora

Salento. I love you. You will too, i think. This is the spot for anyone and everyone. Nature enthusiasts cup will overflow, while the other portion of travelers will be searching for ways to stay longer. Taking the journey & hiking through […]

FREE Medellin Activities for every Backpacker.[Photos]

Free Medellin Activities for Every Backpacker Free is always the desirable price, isn’t it? But as we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whether you have spent all of your money on cheap beers and are just […]

5 Medellin Cafes to Slip Into

Medellin Cafes are as abundant as the lakes of Michigan. Around every corner you’re bound to find one you’ve probably never seen before, especially in Poblado or Laureles. There’s no surprise that Colombia plays host to a range of exotic, enticing & […]

Medellin Backpacking: Stay in Laureles not Poblado

Medellin Backpacking – Why you should stay in Laureles and not Poblado. Medellín is not a small city. With more than 16 communes to choose from, your options of where to stay may feel endless. Don’t worry though, most extranjeros tend to […]

Discovering the real dangers of Medellín, Colombia

Colombia and safety go hand in hand for most folks who have never visited, especially my Mom. Immediate thoughts of Narcos & Pablo Escobar inundate peoples mind, leaving nothing but fear along for the ride. Are you ready to here what they […]

Guatape Day Trip: The Must Do, Self Guided Tour

Guatape Day Trip – Everything you need to know to visit without the use of a guide or tour group Are you a backpacking Medellin? Well if so, lucky you. Are you planning to visit Guatape? If so, you’re on the right […]

13 things you will CONSTANTLY SEE in Medellín, Colombia

Oh the beauty of the unknown. Is that the beauty of travel? Not knowing what smell, sound or sight is around the next corner. For some that is a complete nightmare whereas myself and many others, ideal. Arriving in Medellín, we had […]

Backpackers Guide in Medellin, Colombia

Backpackers Guide in Medellin, Colombia (4 Day Itinerary) Backpackers Guide in Medellin, Colombia. Do you fall into this category and need some type of guidance to move swiftly and confidently throughout this massive city? If so, read along for some tips of […]

Medellín Kite Day aka Assumption of Mary Day

Medellin Kite day also known as Assumption of Mary Day took place yesterday. With the amount of kites in Medellin, you could also call it go fly your kite day in Colombia. The masses took to the air with their kites as […]

More than a day trip in Guatape, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia has exploded in recent years, and for good reason. The city offers what others can’t and with high value. Now it’s 5 pm and you’re trying to decide what to do next in Medellin, Colombia. Paragliding? Communa 13 tour? Pablo […]

Medellin Paragliding: How and where to go [Photos]

Medellin Paragliding – How and where to go to experience the rush and craze of the popular backpacking activity It wasn’t until I arrived to Colombia that I heard about the opportunity to go paragliding or “parapente“. The primary topics of the […]