Medellin Paragliding: How and where to go [Photos]

Medellin Paragliding – How and where to go to experience the rush and craze of the popular backpacking activity

It wasn’t until I arrived to Colombia that I heard about the opportunity to go paragliding or “parapente“. The primary topics of the country had always revolved around coffee, the beautiful women, its drug filled past & the recent surge in tourism. This afternoon in San Felix, all of that would change.

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How to get to G Topik Parapente?

2 Options

Less economical, more efficient, easier route:

Door to door transport for 100 mil pesos

Up to 4 people included in transport

Economical Route – Harder – More time consuming

This route makes sense for 2 people or less

  • Metro to Caribe station (North station) – roughly 3 mil pesos
  • 45 minute bus to San Felix – 3,200 mil or express 4,700 mil pesos

The scenery to G Topik is gorgeous. As you gain in elevation every hair pinned corner opens up into an unimaginable view of the valley below. The only better view is as you jump off the side of the mountain and glide into the Andes Valley mountain range.

Arrival and Pre Flight Set Up

G Topiks check in area is well situated on the side of the main road, making it almost impossible to miss. The office area, and bottom viewing deck is well situated making it ideal to hang out pre and post flight if you become uneasy or just wanna relish in your new accomplishment.

First however, is payment and pre flight safety. A quick few minute video to become situated with what you’re about to dive into accompanied by a liability signature. And then, ………. a long steep climb up these stairs to the launch zone!

Straight up
Straight up
Gibbo getting set up
Gibbo getting set up

Launch Zone Waiting

After catching our breath from the scenery & stairway to heaven, we were ready to fly. We were certain that they used these stairs to dissuade anyone who was on the fence about doing this activity as it gave you that “am I really going through with this?”. The zone was nothing but good energy & roughly 70 people partaking, waiting, watching & biting fingernails.

Once we checked in at the launch zone, I was in the air 5 minutes later. Felipe my pilot was gregarious, experienced, & nothing but the perfect fit for my first flight.

How much is this going to cost me?

15 minute TĂĄndem flight : 130.000 COP ($45)

If you’re like Gibbo, (Above) or the masses of visitors, you’re probably looking to update your AOL or Myspace photo and will want to purchase the photo package. These photo packages include a selfie stick to use and an empty memory card to capitalize on the moment. No need to pay if you have your own!

15 minutes + Photo Package: 170.000 COP ($60)

Each additional 5 minutes = 30.000 COP ($10)

Craving more air time?

Did I forget to mention?

We made it back safely so I could write this for everyone 😉

So was the $60 worth it?

Some of the best money I have ever spent, aside from buying the ticket to get to Colombia. It may seem like a budget breaker but comparatively this price and scenery cant be matched.

If something happens & you get cold feet, the scenery at GTopiks launch zone & office area are more than worth your time. The landscape, energy & fresher mountain air make the voyage unforgettable.

Birthday month? Video & photo package covered in your month. Feliz cumpleaños for your Medellin Paragliding experience.

Found a cheaper price? GTOPIK wants your business & will price match whatever that cost is to get you to experience Medellin Paragliding at its best.

And now I know what everyone has been thinking the whole time while reading this…….

Is it safe?

For those who aren’t biting the bait right away & have to get talked into it, yes it’s safe. All activities have their dangers but the professionalism & certifications of these pilots make everything smoother than grandmas butter.

Interested in getting your feet off the ground & soaring through the sky? Check out GTopik with the information below to get yourself your first Medellin Paragliding experience.

Some practical & useful information:


Flying conditions are all based on the thermals of the valley. Meaning, you can’t fly all day. The normal weather patterns are in the Morning 9-11 AM or afternoon 1-5 ish.

These aren’t set in stone so be aware and use these numbers below to get a more accurate idea on your desired day.

Local phone: +5744445642

Nacional toll free line: 018000423594

Only WhatsApp Edison Valencia: +573146427265

Mobile and WhatsApp Laura Alvarez: +573127496306

Jorge Muñoz Correa English info: +573017263960

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