Photo Editing in Photoshop is tough!

Are you one of those people who aren’t sure how to make your photos pop or have more life? Don’t you worry! I’d love to help your photo editing issues here for free!

I’ve learned that Photo editing in Photoshop isn’t for everyone, so YOU ONLY have to:

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5 Photo Editing in Photoshop Tips for Beginners

If you have ever edited in Photoshop, you know it can be a daunting task. Remove all of your fear by letting me edit for you! If the task is to much, here are some of my favorite quick tips to get you off the ground!

  1. Subscribe to Photoshop – PS is a paid software and it isn’t cheap for someone who doesn’t edit frequently. Costs can vary upon what package you use but it will be in the $20-$30/monthly range
  2. Opening Photoshop & Importing First Image – Open PS and then click (OPEN/NEW)
  3. Unlocking Image Layer and Making New Layer – Double click lock to unlock. Click OK with pop up screen and then CTRL J for a duplicate layer

4. Removing unwanted items with Content Aware Fill!

  • Use Hot Key (CTRL L) to access the LASSO tool 
  • Circle Part of image you want to remove
  • SHIFT Backspace or Right Click and Select Fill –> Content Aware Fill. OK

5. Workspace Arrangement – The Layout and workflow may be overwhelming at first. If you accidentally start clicking around and manipulate the view into an unknown arrangement, click into WINDOW –> WORKSPACE –> ESSENTIALS (DEFAULT)

Photo Editing in Photoshop from Lightroom

Are you a lightroom user? Are you looking to start editing your shots from Lightroom in Photoshop? Let’s make the transition for you as seamless as possible. Here are the steps to make the lightroom to Photoshop migration as simple as possible. 

  • Edit your photo to your desired liking 
  • (CTRL E) or File –> Edit in Photoshop and your photo will migrate, ready to edit in Photoshop

Photo Editing in Photoshop and More

If you don’t want to learn the labor of love with photo editing in Photoshop, reach out to me here. For more information regarding photo editing, travel, and more, keep reading the blog and SUBSCRIBE BELOW

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