Places to Visit in Michigan: 5 Spots To Visit This Year

The list of places to visit in Michigan continually grows the more I talk to people about Michigan destinations. The seasons all call for different activities and different activities bring up different locations. For this post we will dive into the 5 places to visit in Michigan that I have never visited, but am itching to get to.

5 Places to Visit in Michigan This Year (2020)

  • Isle Royale
  • Mackinac Island
  • Grand Haven
  • Kalamazoo
  • Beaver Island

Isle Royale

Located just below the Canadian border in the north west corner of Lake Superior sits Isle Royale. Isle Royale is apart of the U.S. national parks system and also the least visited national park. If you have never heard of Isle Royale don’t be surprised, only about 26,000 people visited in 2018! Getting to the isolated park is what makes this place so special says visitors and also the probability of being outnumbered my moose on any given day.

Getting Here requires a 3 hour boat ride from Copper Harbor (if boating) or a 1 hour flight from Houghton. Other options from Minnesota are also available. A real Michigan Adventure awaits! Park is closed during the winter season!

Mackinac Island

mackinac island

For the amount of times I have passed over the Mack, I still haven’t made it to Mackinac Island. Have you? The Island sits to the east of the bridge and as I’ve seen, offers one of Michigan’s most scenic hikes, Arch Rock

Mackinac island has a no car policy and also no chain hotels which makes snowmobiling a winter possibility! If you haven’t heard, this place has been ranked a Top 10 U.S. island by USA Today and Trip Advisor.

Grand Haven

Most of my time in Michigan is spent in the Upper Peninsula and other Northern Michigan destinations. After countless interactions with Michigan locals, photographers, and others, I always see Grand Haven photos filling my feed. Not only do I enjoy the beauty I’ve seen from the photos but the place is also a Michigan Surfing magnet.


Home to Western Michigan University and Derek Jeter, is Kalamazoo. Now before you go crazy about this selection hear me out. I love Beer and have always wanted to visit Bells Brewery! Not only does Kalamazoo have Bells, but a handful of other worthwhile stops.

Beaver Island

Beaver Island is the largest island in Lake Michigan and is also apart of the Beaver Island Archipelago. This chain of islands has sparked my curiosity after staring at google maps for an uncertain amount of ungodly hours. 

How do you get to Beaver Island? Take a 2 hour boat ride from Charlevoix if you aren’t swimming or taking your own transportation (kayak/boat). You can also fly directly from Charlevoix to Beaver Island

Other Places to Visit in Michigan

Marquette Winter

Have you visited any of these places before? Should I redirect my compass and pick others spots? What do you think? Any words or advice on future destinations is always welcomed and appreciated. If you could make a list of 5 places that you haven’t visited in Michigan, what would they be? Excited to see what you comment.

Other than these 5 places that I will one day visit, what are some other places that you have been too? Have you made it up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula City of Marquette? If so or if not, I have a good grasp on the city and would love to help your time there be the best possible.

Visiting Marquette can be a pain to get too but once there an absolute dream. Thankfully if you need any advice I have explored most of every and anything. Read below for a few of my guides and resources you can use to help plan your trip

Michigan Biking

More Places to Visit in Michigan - Michigan Trip Planning

Do you need more help with your trip? I can curate your trip for you or if you want a customized places to visit in Michigan list! I have photo and city tours for the photographers and city lovers. Either way would love to hear from you visitors. Enjoy

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