Real Estate Photography: 10 Tips to use NOW in 2021

Real Estate Photography

So you want to find out how to get into Real Estate photography in 2020? Are you just curious what it’s like to shoot real estate photos and videos? Today we will look at what I’ve learned shooting commercial real estate, to help my real estate photography game. Furthermore, lets begin.

Real Estate Photography Tips for 2021

  • Tripod
  • Wide Angle Lenses
  • Bracketed Shots AEB
  • Drone
  • Details
  • Be Prepared – SHOT LIST
  • Know Your Weather
  • Understand Lighting
  • Always Choose this Shooting Mode (Raw vs JPEG)
  • Get and Stay Creative

Use a Tripod!

Tripods should be the first piece of equipment behind your camera for real estate photography. Can you get by without one? Yes but your results will suffer. If you are planning to shoot in lower lit areas or adding a dramatic effect to your shots, Tripods are a must

Wide Angle Real Estate Photography Lenses

Wide Angles Lenses are the key ingredient for a successful real estate photo shoot. A suitable lens will be in the 10-30mm range and able to convey the size of the entire room.

As a Nikon user, I use the Nikon 14-30mm f/4 and am very pleased with it because I can capture those wide cramped interiors, and then also pleasing exteriors. Find out about the Best lens for real estate photography

Bracketing (AEB) for Real Estate

Nail all of your shots by utilizing AEB or Auto exposure bracketing. Using this technique will ensure that your pictures are underexposed, correctly exposed and overexposed to blend together. Once you see the action put to work, you will continue to utilize this technique.

Drones for Real Estate Photo Shoots

Drones used to be a luxury and nice to have piece of equipment. Now, Real Estate Drone Photography is a necessity for anyone looking into Real Estate content production!

Not only do Drones showcase homes significantly better, they attract significantly more eyes. Find out what the Best Drone for Real Estate Photography is today.

It's all in the Details

It’s all in the details. What makes a room specifically appealing? Is it the island in the kitchen? Is it the TV in the game room? Find that detail that draws you in and compose your shot to highlight it.

Clutter Disrupts Real Estate Photography Galleries

This might sound foolish, but sometimes you will arrive for a shoot to a dirty house. Who wants to tour a home that has crap all over the place. Make sure the place is tidy and then remove any other distracting items that aren’t necessary. Details, details, details.

Shot List for a Real Estate Listing

You might think you’ve nailed all of your shots until you come home and forgot two shots that highlight the area around the house. This has happened to me because I thought I captured everything I needed when in reality I didn’t check all the boxes. Have a shot list and check it twice!

How Weather effects a Real Estate Listing

Keep an eye on the weather for your shoot day. Are you going to shoot in a cloudy environment and edit your work in post or is it going to be sunny and have an abundance of natural light? Ideally you can capture the moments at sunset with a stunning backdrop but everyone’s schedule varies.

Interior Lighting in Real Estate Photography

Turn the lights on! Not only is it going to add more warmth to the shot it will show more details of your subjects. Dark and moody is great but for different creative projects. Keep the house warm and lit.

Always shoot RAW.

I predominantly shoot raw for one main reason. You can edit your photo dramatically more compared to shooting JPEG. I love jpeg on certain cameras and for certain reasons but for client work, RAW is always the way to go. Only shoot JPEG you are in a pinch and don’t have enough space on your SD card.

Read this piece if you want to know the difference between Raw vs Jpeg

Get and Stay Creative

real estate photography

Yes you should cover all the basic and necessary shots but you should also experiment with different styles and techniques to showcase your creative side. With real estate photography being competitive, those who continually nail the basics and push the envelope with new techniques will flourish. It’s not always about being better when different scratches the customers itch.

Bonus: Real Estate Photography Pricing

Real Estate Photography pricing is going to vary drastically depending on your location. To stay competitive and get top dollar, make sure you analyze your market and see how others are pricing their creative services

  • Photo + Video 
  • Exterior + Interior 
  • Property Size 
  • Etc

Northern Michigan Photographer Contact

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Real Estate videography and photography isn’t only about the homes we showcase, but the surrounding areas too. Some of the most beautiful colors I’ve seen in the states have been in Michigan. These guides below show more beautiful scenery of the area we live in:

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