Safety in Medellin, Colombia: Best time to go 2021?

How Safe is it to travel to Colombia today in 2020? A lot safer than in the last decade as most locals have adamantly told me. 

Colombia and safety go hand in hand for most folks who have never visited, especially my Mom. Immediate thoughts of Narcos & Pablo Escobar inundate peoples mind, leaving nothing but fear along for the ride. 

Are you ready to here what they don’t tell you about in the guidebooks? Are you ready to read about what safety in Medellin is like from a first hand perspective.

Colombia's Real Dangers in 2021

Because of how Colombia is portrayed to the public, safety is always the first question or thought brought up. The reality of this country is far from true. Are there dangers and truths to it’s image? Yes! But the far majority of it is outdated and stretched. Buckle up for the ride as we explore the real dangers of Colombia.

You Might Get Stuck in Colombia

You might get stuck here – with so much to choose from & situated perfectly within the Andes mountain range, your itinerary might be adjusted. Trust me I’ve talked to countless backpackers who have planned for 2 weeks & now it’s been 2 years. It happens in Medellin

You Might Really Like It

You might really, really like it here – Yes, you probably will. Not everyone will but there is a high probability you will. From the weather , to the people, there is so much for you to like. Coffee fanatics can easily get lost in Cafe culture here.

You Might really appreciate the beauty

You might appreciate the beauty and diversity – The biodiversity of Colombia is no joke. That beauty is on repeat throughout the city with more species of trees & fauna than you could imagine. Keep your eyes open throughout the Botanical Gardens & you might just see a Monkey

You Might Never want to leave

You might never want to leave -Yes similar to getting stuck, you may not want to leave. And although you might you’ll know that you’ll be back in the future to see more of this beautiful sanctuary

You Might learn to become a Salsa pro

You might learn to become a Salsa professional. With the availability of Salsa around the city, you might become footloose and end up on a podium or the face of gringo Salsa. Free classes are offered daily if you look hard enough. More information on this can be found on one of my favorite resources

You Might become bilingual

You might become fluent in Spanish. This is a real danger as immersion is all around you. Especially with the amount of schools catering to backpackers looking to master the art of language. Favorites in Poblado include Toucan & Elefun in the Laureles area.

You Might become a Futbol Fanatico

You might learn your new favorite futbol teams war cry’s and become the newest addition. The love of futbol here may transform your thoughts about the countries past time into a newfound passion.

You Might encounter petty theft

You might encounter a pickpocketer on the metro. Shouts out to the Quebec crew who gave me this story. ” -” got pick pocketed , realized it quick enough and grabbed the guy before he got away. Not always the case but keep in mind of your valuables while on the train.

These are some of the REAL dangers when it comes to Colombia. Narcos, gang affiliation, & things of that matter are really just dust in the wind in the big picture. Although they do exist you’re probably more likely to encounter a problem ordering your lunch than some sort of drug activity.

Safety in Medellin and Colombia

Yes! Don’t let the fear of what is portrayed on the media sway your decision from coming here unless you don’t want to experience the joys and wonders of this bustling city. 

Contact me here if you want some help with your trip or need any other questions answered regarding safety in Medellin or travel tips throughout the country.

Have I missed any other real dangers of Colombia? Drop a comment and or a share to someone who might agree/ disagree.

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