Santa Cruz

Here is a Santa Cruz time-lapse I did a few months back that came out entirely unexpected. When I say entirely unexpected I mean I had no intention of capturing such an interesting reflection of the sun roof. Take a peek at how it came out below.

Also if you’re in the Santa Cruz area and need surfboard rentals/lessons stop by Cowells Surf Shop for convenient and quality surf rentals. They are located across the street from Cowells Break and the pier. Ideal location for beginners to grab a board and go ride some long, party waves at Cowells.

Have you done a Santa Cruz time-lapse before? Is there a particular spot you enjoy most in Santa Cruz to capture pictures or run a time-lapse from? Please let me know as I’ always looking to capture new angles and styles in this lovely coastal city.

Need some more ideas of what to do in Santa Cruz? Check out my weekend getaway guide to Santa Cruz. The city is full of fun and adventure if you look in the right spots.

In Santa Cruz and heading north to San Francisco or some other Bay cities? Here are some of my favorite pieces of those cities to help save you time and money.

San Francisco

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