Some things to do in Oakland, CA

Oakland hasn’t received as much love as it should be receiving and quite potentially thats a good thing or maybe it isn’t. Either way, as Oakland slowly climbs out of San Franciscos shadow, don’t miss these activities.

Lake Merritt 

Lake Merritt is a shining star in Oakland and on a clear, warm day in “The Town”, this place really shines. Regardless of weather, people are always utilizing the 3.7 mile track around the lake on foot, bike, electric scooter, or skateboard. Another beauty of the lake are the lakeside food and drink options. More will be discussed on that in a future post.

Jack London Square

JLS has revamped itself entirely and brought a once dangerous and run down area to the forefront of the Oakland scene. Whether its grabbing a drink after deboarding from your ferry or spending an entire Saturday downing beers, playing Bocce/Bowling at Plank, JLS is really a great option for any day.

Oakland A’s/Raiders/Warriors

Whether it be A’s Baseball, Raiders Football, or Golden State Warriors Basketball, any of these events will provide the sports enthusiast with a great time. It’s been said the A’s have one of the worst stadiums in the league but any local knows you can’t downplay the experience of an A’s game.

The Fox

The Fox is a legendary venue that has been hosting some of the worlds best artists for the last 30 years. Situated in uptown Oakland, The Fox offers concert goers with numerous food and drinks options pre and post show.

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park 

Although not on everyones radar, this park provides some of the best views to the Bay Bridge & San Francisco in the Bay Area. Tucked away in an industrial area adjacent to oaklands shipping port, Middle Harbor is rarely crowded and has a wide selection of area to set up shop or just walk around the area.


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