Colombian Backpacking Destinations to Visit Now

Colombian Backpacking Destinations to keep on your radar. My top 5. Welcome to Colombia I think I’ve made it clear to most folks but if I haven’t, COLOMBIA is an AMAZING country a to get lost in (no, not like I need a helicopter evacuation lost). The vast options of Colombian Backpacking destinations, complemented byContinue reading “Colombian Backpacking Destinations to Visit Now”

Colombia Amazon: Guide to Leticia, Colombia

Are you heading to the Colombia Amazon? Are you heading the gateway city, Leticia? Excellent decision for Colombia and yourself. Keep on reading for your welcoming guide to one of the worlds most fascinating regions. Welcome to the Colombia Amazon Oh the amazon. The beauty, the heat, and the mosquitos. It’s hard to articulate whatContinue reading “Colombia Amazon: Guide to Leticia, Colombia”