13 things you will CONSTANTLY SEE in Medellín, Colombia

Oh the beauty of the unknown. Is that the beauty of travel? Not knowing what smell, sound or sight is around the next corner. For some that is a complete nightmare whereas myself and many others, ideal. Arriving in Medellín, we had […]

Backpackers Guide in Medellin, Colombia

Backpackers Guide in Medellin, Colombia (4 Day Itinerary) Backpackers Guide in Medellin, Colombia. Do you fall into this category and need some type of guidance to move swiftly and confidently throughout this massive city? If so, read along for some tips of […]

Medellín Kite Day aka Assumption of Mary Day

Yesterday was Assumption of Mary day aka go fly your kite day in Colombia. The masses took to the air with their kites as the country celebrated one of their many national holidays. How many holidays do they celebrate? I don’t know […]

How to Paraglide in Medellín Cheap

It wasn’t until I arrived to Colombia that I heard about the opportunity to go paragliding or “parapente“. The primary topics of the country had always revolved around coffee, the beautiful women, its drug filled past & the recent surge in tourism. […]

Some of my favorite shots from Backpacking Mexico

If Mexico isn’t on your radar or if it is, you should make it a priority to visit to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this diverse country. Here are some of my favorite shots from my 2 months throughout […]

San Cristobal De Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

At the southern tip of Mexico sits the region of Chiapas. Arguably the most beautiful part of Mexico and surely the poorest, this region is an outdoor lovers dream. Lush jungle, friendly people, and cheap cheap options.

Mexico City Backpacking Guide & Thoughts

You have finally arrived to Mexico City and aren’t sure what to do or have a few things in mind? Don’t sweat it, although you probably are, I got you covered. Where to Begin? For starters, the FOOD is going to be […]