Colombian Backpacking Destinations to Visit Now

Colombian Backpacking Destinations to keep on your radar. My top 5. Welcome to Colombia I think I’ve made it clear to most folks but if I haven’t, COLOMBIA is an AMAZING country a to get lost in (no, not like I need a helicopter evacuation lost). The vast options of Colombian Backpacking destinations, complemented byContinue reading “Colombian Backpacking Destinations to Visit Now”

Medellin Backpacking: 13 things you will CONSTANTLY SEE

Oh the beauty of traveling. The anticipation of what a new destination is ready to unveil. Is that the beauty of travel? Not knowing what smell, sound or sight is around the next corner. For some that is a complete nightmare whereas myself and many others, ideal. Arriving in Medellín, we had no idea ofContinue reading “Medellin Backpacking: 13 things you will CONSTANTLY SEE”