Oakland’s Kaiser Rooftop Garden

Whether or not you are from the Bay, there’s a good shot you haven’t been to Kaisers Rooftop Garden. Situated on the 5th floor of Kaisers parking structure, this hidden gem shines bright like a diamond (Rihanna, yes). Take a nap, snap […]

Oakland Street Art

If your eyes have been open while cruising the streets of Oakland, you’ve definitely had the chance to take in some pretty incredible art. Aside from the art being so moving, the artists themselves really come to life when getting the chance […]

Best of the Best around Lake Merritt

The Jewel of Oakland, Lake Merritt, encompasses 155 acres of land with a circumference of 3.4 miles. It’s clear to most locals that Lake Merritt is so much more than an estuary, but a gorgeousĀ area for events, an excellent spot for photography […]

Bay Bridge Drone

When the sun is shining & the weather is sweet, the Bay Area is a hard place to beat. A shining star when the weather is right, the Bay Bridge, which connects two important cities, is also home to Treasure Island. Enjoy […]

E40 E Cuarenta Tequila Party @ Lake Chalet, Oakland

Yesterday wasn’t just any other Taco Tuesday, it was Taco Tuesday brought to you by E40s ECuarenta Tequila + Lake Chalet’s new outdoor bar. If timing wasn’t any more perfect, I was only a few blocks away when i got word of […]

Some things to do in Oakland, CA

Oakland hasn’t received as much love as it should be receiving and quite potentially thats a good thing or maybe it isn’t. Either way, as Oakland slowly climbs out of San Franciscos shadow, don’t miss these activities. Lake MerrittĀ  Lake Merritt is […]

Drakeing and Thriving

Drakes Dealership on Broadway & 23rd is a restaurant that everyone needs to find themselves at sooner than later. With more than 32 beers on tap, a menu of experimental pizzas, fire pits, and an open air beer garden, Drakes delivers on […]

The best kept treasure in the Bay Area: Treasure Island

Treasure Island aka T.I. aka the most driven over island in the Bay, is an absolute gem. For the local who has seen it at all hours, knows what others who haven’t stopped, do not. The place is full of treasure just […]

Oakland Unknown

How many times have you passed the giant cranes on the Bay Bridge wondering if you could get a closer glimpse of the majestic steel beasts? Well turns out you can, if you know how to get there. This lesser known spot […]

Oaklands Lake Merritt by Drone

A majority of what I shoot and where I shoot is in and of Oakland, CA. For those who enjoy architecture and stunning scenery in a relatively small area, come & take a peek. The architecture of Oakland has developed in recent […]

Oakland Drone

Took the bird, DJI Mavic, out for a sunset tour around Jack London Square and ended up with these beauties. It was my first flight in this area but a well deserved one. Do you have a favorite place to watch the […]