Waikiki Surfing: Where to catch your next wave

Waikiki Surfing: Where to catch your next wave. Aloha. Welcome to Hawaii and the start of your Waikiki surfing adventure. I’m guessing you have made your way to Hawaii for the translucent warm waters and to catch a few waves. Perfect! You […]

Santa Cruz Timelapse

Here is a Santa Cruz time-timelapse I did a few months back that came out entirely unexpected. When I say entirely unexpected I mean I had no intention of capturing such an interesting reflection of the sun roof. Take a peek at […]

I know it’s Taco Tuesday but..

I can guarantee the weekend is already on your mind. Are you planning on staying in the bay, taking your self up to Tahoe for some fresh powder, or maybe making your way to Santa Cruz? If the later was your choice, […]