Eben Ice Caves Guide: The UP’s must see Winter destination

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a dream during the summer and when winter comes through, a winter wonderland. With so many activities to choose from, you might suffer from decision fatigue on deciding what activity to pursue. If you’re lucky enough to be in the UP during the winter, make sure to include the Eben IceContinue reading “Eben Ice Caves Guide: The UP’s must see Winter destination”

Surfing in Michigan: Great Lakes Surfing Guide

Did you know that Surfing in Michigan exists? Yes I was shocked too when I found out that the “Third Coast” produces some pretty heavy swell. How has all this time passed and I hadn’t heard a single word about great waves coming from the Great Lakes. Well shockingly enough, Michigan’s Great Lakes, produce memorableContinue reading “Surfing in Michigan: Great Lakes Surfing Guide”

Marquette Michigan Restaurants to Try Today

Marquette Michigan is sure to keep you hungry with all of the activities that this place has to offer. With so much to do your appetite will definitely be put in check daily. Not sure where to eat? Start here so you can spend your money on the right foods at the right time! HereContinue reading “Marquette Michigan Restaurants to Try Today”

Michigan Snowboarding: Mt Bohemia’s $99 Season Pass

Winter is creeping in and you know what that means, Snowboarding. Depending on where you’re at in the states or where you are at in the world, it’s a known fact that Snowboarding can be very expensive. Thankfully the good people at Mount Bohemia have a season pass special that ends on 12/7 for $99!Continue reading “Michigan Snowboarding: Mt Bohemia’s $99 Season Pass”

Marquette Michigan Hotels: Where to stay in Marquette

So you want to visit Marquette? I don’t blame you, the place is amazing. Whether you’re a parent visiting their NMU student, a photographer getting out to the UP for the weekend, or a family coming north for some outdoor activities, there’s a spot for you. Here are some of the Marquette, Michigan Here areContinue reading “Marquette Michigan Hotels: Where to stay in Marquette”

Presque Isle Hiking: Marquette’s Must Visit Spot

Presque Isle Hiking: Marquette’s Must Visit Spot If I haven’t made it clear enough, Michigan is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. More specifically, the Upper Peninsula, has endless options of day and multi day activities to suit any adventurers needs. Marquette, one of the UP’s major cities, has many hikes that make the trek here moreContinue reading “Presque Isle Hiking: Marquette’s Must Visit Spot”