You are heading to Marquette and want to know what to do? Great, because the area is filled with endless activities and always ready for visitors. Whether you’re visiting for an event and don’t know anything else to do or coming to visit the kids at school, here are some things to do in Marquette MI.

things to do in Marquette MI

Things to do in Marquette MI :

  • Fat Bike
  • Snowboard
  • Surf
  • Hike
  • Brewery Hop
  • Fish
  • Yoga
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Photography
  • and moreeeeeeee

Fat Bike

Fat Biking in Marquette has been regarded as some of the best fat biking in the country. The NTN (Noquemenon Trail Network) is immaculate and the variety and access to trails is outstanding. Bring your bike or rent one for endless enjoyment in some pure Marquette fun fashion. There are numerous bike shops in Marquette that can get you set up and rolling around town in no time. Here are the shops to keep in mind for your adventures.


You seldom see a major city that plays home to a Ski resort just outside the city limits. Marquette is home to Marquette Mountain and within 5 minutes of downtown Marquette, you can be at the resort and ready to get your turns in. One of the best deals in town is the, $20 4-8 pm Night skiing lift ticket. Want to see a glimpse of the action? Video is attached below


Fancy cold lake surfing? Lake Superior surprisingly creates some good swell that brings out the boys and their cold water gear. Swells aren’t consistent but when they are good, its hard to beat. Swells are more common in the fall and winter, so don’t be expecting overheads during summer.


Marquette is blessed with some unbelievable local scenery that is easily accessible. A fair share of some Marquette’s best outdoor offerings are only about 10 minutes or less out of town. A majority of those are the lovely hiking trails that will undoubtedly give visitors in need of nature, a full recharge.


Did you know that Marquette has 4 breweries in town? 4! If you are a beer lover, Marquette has more than enough suds to quench a curious drinkers palette. If you need more, there are a few others in the adjacent city, Ishpeming, that is only a 15 minute drive too. Here is a guide of the Breweries of Marquette.


Looking to catch that next big trophy fish? The region is a well known destination for those anglers looking to pull some size out from down below. Ice Fishing is very popular and if you need a guide or outfitter, check out Superior Outfitter for all your fishing and outdoor activity needs.


Who would have thought that this far north would have a thriving yoga scene? If you’re in need of a class to re balance the body, soul and mind, stop into Tulivesi or Rohana Yoga all your needs.

Arts and Crafts

Have you made your own plate or ceramic mug before? Have you always wanted to? Pop into Hot Plate Pottery for classes and test your skills for a lovely day with yourself or family and friends. More information on classes and prices can be found on their website.


This place is a photographers dream! Ice Caves, frozen ice structures, dense forests, scenic viewpoints, and many many more reasons for why a photographer should not forget their camera when coming to this part of Michigan. Want to book a photo tour with me? Contact me directly or through AirBnB and we can get all your photo needs handled.

Things To Do in Marquette MI Wrap up

Have we covered everything you can do in Marquette? Not everything but we hope this list will help you maximize your time while visiting this pristine and gorgeous area. If you need some more ideas for your trip or anything else in the area please reach out directly to me and I will do my best to help.

Looking for a tour guide for your trip? I run half day tours that highlight the best of the best in Marquette, ensuring your trip here is perfect. If you’re interested, please click here and let’s get the ball rolling.

Things to do in Marquette MI – Airport Rides

Flying in or out of Marquette? Here’s some more information on how to smoothly fly in and out of Marquette. If you need a ride, please contact me for a quote. I don’t need to see any out of towners getting stuck here and leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

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