Weather for Marquette Michigan: Winter Style

Heading to Marquette Michigan this winter? If so, consider yourself lucky, and if not, you need to find a way to get here sooner than later. Before making your trip to this winter wonderland, make sure you pack the right things and always keep an eye on the weather. In this post we will dive into what you need to pack and what to expect when visiting Marquette during the winter.

weather for marquette michigan

Weather for Marquette Michigan Expectations

  • It’s going to be cold
  • Weather can change quickly
  • Always check the forecast
  • Bring Gloves
  • Lake Effect
  • Packing Guide
weather for marquette michigan

It’s going to be COLD

Cold and the UP are synonomous. Yes there will be warmer days at times but on average most days will hover around 20. Be ready and be layered.

Weather changes quickly

Weather changes quickly and can be unexpected. Just because it’s sunny and 30 doesn’t mean it will stay that way all day. Because of these changing environments, Lake Superior, bring extra gear and layers. Layers, layers, layers.

Always Check the forecast

Always check the forecast, especially before coming. Do you want to spend the weekend with snow storms or would you rather wait a week and come up when its not scheduled to be dumping snow? Also, check if you’re already in town before heading out on whatever adventure you’re embarking on.

Bring Gloves

Bring Gloves! Once your hands are gone, everything else follows. If you have no dexterity with your hands, it’s hard to be productive doing anything else. Here are some of my favorite gloves when out shooting. Here are some of my favorite gloves for day to day cruising.

Lake Effect

Don’t sleep on the well discussed Lake Effect! If you aren’t sure of what Lake Effect means you can start here. Lake Effect is when cold air moves across warmer lake water and that air gets heated up by the lake water rises and deposits snowfall onto the given region. This Great Lakes region can be labeled as a “Snowbelt”

Weather for Marquette Michigan Packing Guide – WINTER

For any and everyone, here are some necessities when coming to the UP.

  • Gloves
  • Boots I swear by these Columbia Fairbanks Omni-Heat Boots. Lightweight, insulated and built for aesthetics in mind. THE MAJOR SELLING POINT? COMFORT. I can be out all day and still come home and not want to take these off. HIGHLY recommend. Let’s just say, the most important part of being in cold after your hands are your feet!
  • Jacket – Anything with a solid fill, if you don’t want to wear a lot of layers. These Cotopaxis are stylish and provide supreme warmth.
  • Hand Warmers – These are life savers when its really cold and hold their heat for hours.
  • Camera – Don’t Forget a camera when coming to this highly scenic area. You will regret not bringing one. Bring a disposable film for even more fun!
  • Blanket – Always carry a blanket when traveling in these areas as you may never know what may happen when out there. Prepare for the worst and keep something warm in the car like a blanket.

Weather for Marquette Michigan: More than just the weather

Have you been to Marquette before? If not and need some ideas of things, places, and activities to do, check out some of my guides below.

Aside from excellent cafes, restaurants, and hiking, Marquette has so many other things to do. Marquette is also a great jumping off point for other UP adventures. Because of its favorable location, you can head west, north, south, or east and not be more than 3 hours from any part of the UP from Marquette.

If you decide to stay in Marquette and haven’t booked a place yet, here are some excellent Marquette accommodation options.

Into photography? I run photo tours that highlight some of the best areas of the city and will surely give you a new perspective into photography and Marquette. If the weather for Marquette Michigan suits you, and you want to book, please contact me directly or head over to AirBnb. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please reach out 🙂

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