Looking to take your Drone photography to the new heights? With all the technology these Drones have, you don’t want to let this AEB Mode go to waste. Once you understand this AEB MODE you can utilize it in your Drone Photography forever.

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What is the AEB Shooting Mode?

aeb shooting mode

AEB means Auto Exposure Bracketing. Depending on which setting you choose, the camera will take either 3 or 5 shots at different exposure levels. These shots will be merged later to create one ideally exposed HDR (High Dynamic Range) image.

How do I shoot in AEB Mode?

aeb shooting mode

Shooting in AEB mode is as simple as accessing the shooting modes on your DJI drone and choosing AEB. Decide if you want to shoot in a set of 3 or 5 and then compose your shot. Once you have composed your image, click the capture button and the drone will capture the rest.

How do I merge my images together


The AEB sequence will provide you with a set of underexposed, normal and overexposed images.

The next step is merge the 3 pictures into an HDR photo and utilize each composition into a single shot.

Lightroom users, right click one of the images after you have selected them and select Photo Merge –> HDR MERGE.

Allow the images to process and hit merge in Top right. Job Complete.

When and WHY should you use this AEB shooting method?

auto exposure bracketing

I always use AEB when shooting Real Estate exteriors for clients. I also use it in any other shooting scenario but my primary use is for Real Estate. I’ve found that capturing three images and merging them into one, decreases a “missed shot” and improves your likelihood of a cleaner image.

Other Tips with AEB Shooting

RAW – Shoot RAW, always. Your creative ability in post processing outshines JPEG by light years.

Conditions – Like any other time shooting, plan for where you will be flying. The ideal scenario for AEB shooting is not in windy conditions. You want to be able to capture the same moment 3 times in similar fashion and not have any major movements

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Thanks for reading and hope this has helped anyone who shoots in AEB!

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