Bay Bridge Drone

When the sun is shining & the weather is sweet, the Bay Area is a hard place to beat. A shining star when the weather is right, the Bay Bridge, which connects two important cities, is also home to Treasure Island. Enjoy the video and gallery below.



Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge Again
Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge


Are you heading across the bridge this weekend for some fun filled activities? Check some of my other posts if you aren’t sure of what bar or restaurant you want to spend your time at.

Some weekend activities to keep yourself busy:


North Beach Festival – June 16th + June 17th (10AM-6PM)

Pride Festival – Civic Center – 12PM

1st Annual Lake Fest Oakland – Lake Merritt – 11 AM – 7PM



TreasureFest – Formerly Treasure Island Flee Market

SF Pride Parade – Market Street – 10:30 AM – 6PM

Pride Festival – Civic Center – 11AM


E40 E Cuarenta Tequila Party @ Lake Chalet, Oakland

Yesterday wasn’t just any other Taco Tuesday, it was Taco Tuesday brought to you by E40s ECuarenta Tequila + Lake Chalet’s new outdoor bar. If timing wasn’t any more perfect, I was only a few blocks away when i got word of this happening, so i raced over and got my camera out to capture the event.

E40 at Lake Chalet
E40 at Lake Chalet
Lake Chalet Outdoor Bar
Lake Chalet Outdoor Bar
E Cuarenta Tequila
E Cuarenta Tequila


Lake Chalet
Lake Chalet

If you have never heard of E40, which is hard to imagine, check out some of his well known tracks:

Looking to have the best Taco Tuesday in the Bay? With the addition of the outdoor bar and delicious & affordable tacos, Lake Chalet is making a case as a top spot to enjoy the best day of the week. Put it on your list as places in the Bay to check out. Here’s a link to their website if you want more than Tacos, Tostadas & Tequila.



Some things to do in Oakland, CA

Oakland hasn’t received as much love as it should be receiving and quite potentially thats a good thing or maybe it isn’t. Either way, as Oakland slowly climbs out of San Franciscos shadow, don’t miss these activities.

Lake Merritt 

Lake Merritt is a shining star in Oakland and on a clear, warm day in “The Town”, this place really shines. Regardless of weather, people are always utilizing the 3.7 mile track around the lake on foot, bike, electric scooter, or skateboard. Another beauty of the lake are the lakeside food and drink options. More will be discussed on that in a future post.

Jack London Square

JLS has revamped itself entirely and brought a once dangerous and run down area to the forefront of the Oakland scene. Whether its grabbing a drink after deboarding from your ferry or spending an entire Saturday downing beers, playing Bocce/Bowling at Plank, JLS is really a great option for any day.

Oakland A’s/Raiders/Warriors

Whether it be A’s Baseball, Raiders Football, or Golden State Warriors Basketball, any of these events will provide the sports enthusiast with a great time. It’s been said the A’s have one of the worst stadiums in the league but any local knows you can’t downplay the experience of an A’s game.

The Fox

The Fox is a legendary venue that has been hosting some of the worlds best artists for the last 30 years. Situated in uptown Oakland, The Fox offers concert goers with numerous food and drinks options pre and post show.

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park 

Although not on everyones radar, this park provides some of the best views to the Bay Bridge & San Francisco in the Bay Area. Tucked away in an industrial area adjacent to oaklands shipping port, Middle Harbor is rarely crowded and has a wide selection of area to set up shop or just walk around the area.


Eating & Drinking in Oakland, CA

As San Franciscos rent prices skyrocket and more people continue to flock in, other Bay Area options must make themselves available. One of these options is Oakland aka “The Town” . Although rent isn’t as high as its neighbor, it still is relatively high just more affordable.

So you want a few good joints to grab a beer and or a few cocktails ?

Follow this guide for some good times and affordable drinking options.

Drakes Dealership. This joint is always a good time. Although you will be paying a little bit more for beers (+$1-$2) its worth it. The open aired patio equipped with fire pits and live music + food makes this a no brainer. Check out the old post dedicated to Drakes here _____ .

Legionnaire Saloon – A classic Oakland Irish bar that provides more than strong drinks at good prices. Most days have some type of event that keeps the crowd constant and lively. Sundays special start at 8PM and run to 10 PM with $2 Beers.

The Athletic Club – Newly opened but an excellent spot to watch any type of sporting event with the abundance of TVS they offer. The original Athletic Club in Lower Pac Heights in SF has done well enough for this place to knock it out of the park too. They offer bathtubs full of beer for those really looking to get into the game.

Make Westing – With its prime location right on Broadway its hard to miss this spot if you’re looking for a good time. Aside from the fair drink prices, the two indoor Bocce Ball courts is what makes this place stand out from the rest.

Cafe Van Kleef – An Oakland classic. Van Kleef is well known among locals for their greyhounds presented with freshly squeezed grapefruit and eclectic array of items inside.

Radio – Asian themed, dimly lit & solid happy hour makes this a great spot to start a night. Typically some Bay Area music and or hip hop fills the small bars capacity.

Eat & Drink your way through North Beach, San Francisco

So you’re headed to arguably the best section of San Francisco and are clueless of what you want to eat or drink? Follow along to make the most of your time in this electric neighborhood

North Beach, San Francisco
North Beach, San Francisco

For beginners, most thoughts that will come to mind when someone mentions North Beach is “The Italian Neighborhood”. Yes well it is, & a damn good one too. With its local assortment of delis, bars, and restaurants, one will find an aura of excitement and history that should keep you busy and entertained around every corner.


Food is a great start with this neighborhood and will surely be a highlight of your time here. Some spots you should find yourself at at least once are listed below.

Golden Boy – regarded as a top slice in SF, Golden Boy is a SF staple and is always a treat whether it be at 1 am or at 6pm for the 5th straight day. Eat a pan slice mid day or earlier to avoid the 25 minute + waits that are guaranteed after 10pm on a Friday/Saturday

Frankys – home to ___ who has won international pizza eating competitions is this corner treat. Grab a slice and pop over to Washington Square Park to soak top the sun

Italian Homemade – Probably the most affordable option for pasta in North Beach is Italian Homemade. Don’t be alarmed with everything being served on plastic plates, this place makes some incredible pastas.

Molinari Deli – One of the best sandwich joints in the city, Molinari is a gem that must be enjoyed at least once. Grab a mouthwatering special loaded with salami, mozzarella, provolone and be lucky enough to grab a seat outside and take in the scenic view of Transamerica Pyramid just down the street

Frankys Deli – A true local joint located closer to Fishermans Wharf that most people will miss altogether. This unassuming deli slangs some of the best sandos in the city.

Coffee is another selling point of this neighborhood. Some spots to set up shop are:

Hole in the Wall Coffee – A Hipster spot up the hill from North Beach’s main action, this roadside stall & literal hole in the wall, is an aesthetic treat and definitely worth a stop.

Caffe Trieste – One of the first Italian Coffee Joints on the west coast and a North Beach staple, Trieste offers an excellent coffee selection, Italian desserts, and live music on Saturdays. Don’t miss this spot.

Cafe Grecco – Possibly one of the best spots for espresso and people watching on Columbus, grab a seat outside and mingle with locals and tourists alike.

Next up, Bars. For those who are looking to have a rowdy night out in the city or just want to sip some wine street side, North Beach does not disappoint. Here are some Bars that you should not miss out on.

Vesuvio – One of the most iconic bars in North Beach and the entirety of the city, Vesuvio is aged with Beatnik history and Jack Kerouac stories. Personally my favorite spot in San Francisco

Specs – Across the street from Vesuvio, tucked away in a tiny alley is the legendary and often overlooked Specs. Another North Beach and SF classic, Specs will most certainly provide you with a step back in time and probably a few new friends once you’ve settled into your stool.

Columbus Cafe/Grant & Green – 2 for 1 Happy hour EVERYDAY from 4-8pm? Hard to beat. Tv’s, pool tables, and an ample selection of Beers to choose from makes these 2 watering holes some of the best deals in the city.

Northstar – A local gem located on Green street will provide you with more memories and great drink deals. Also a great spot to watch a game with about 8 tvs circulating the small bar. Customer of the month pictures line the walls of this joint to definitely make you crack a smile. Look for Jeffys picture on the wall!

15 Romolo – Alleyway bar that you will not find unless you are directed in the right way or drunkenly end up walking down Romolo St. 15 Romolo provides some of the best cocktails in the city combined with a speakeasy feel, will make this a more memorable spot on your North Beach adventure.






Mexico by Drone

For those who have an interest in aerial photography, I was lucky enough to capture some images from my trip throughout throughout 4 different regions in Mexico. Those being Mexico, Puebla, Oaxaca, & Chipas. Unfortunately good karma wasn’t on my side for the entire trip but heres a glimpse of life above the streets. If you look hard enough you might be able to spot some taco stands or tacos being consumed. Enjoy


Mexico City Traffic
A common theme in Mexico City, Traffic.
Chapultepec Park
Chapultepec Park
Angel of Independence
Angel of Independence

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