San Francisco Coffee Shops: 5 Cafes to visit Now!

San Francisco is home to some of the worlds most famous landmarks and restaurants. Alongside those and the cities changing landscape, the city is a haven for those who love coffee. Let’s dive into some of my favorite San Francisco Coffee Shops and where you will get your ultimate caffeine fix.

Hole in the Wall - North Beach

HITW is exactly what their name says, a Hole in the Wall. Despite their lack of space, HITW serves up excellent pour over options in the North Beach neighborhood. Their location is a bit up the path as it’s up in the hills of North Beach. North Beach has some of the best coffee and this place doesn’t disappoint. 

Insider Tip: Start your day with a cup of Joe here and continue on to one of San Francisco’s prominent sites, Coit Tower.

Cafe Trieste - North Beach

One of the cities most prominent cafes, Cafe Trieste is a San Francisco institution. This North Beach gem serves some of the best espresso and history of the city. Grab a table outside, chat with a local and maybe even be lucky enough to catch some live music. Don’t miss this place

Jackson Place Cafe - Jackson Square

Jackson Place is the secret place you will never find unless you are invited or work in the adjacent area. Tucked away in Jackson Square, this tiny courtyard cafe is a relaxing spot to sip a cup of joe while surrounded by industrial buildings and a plethora of large vegetation. The ambiance of this spot is unmatched.

The Interval at Long Now - Fort Mason

A tough yet easy cafe to find. The Interval is all about aesthetic and experience, as the interior is decked out with numerous artifacts. Spiral staircase, giant bookshelves, cozy seating, nooks, and a elegant bar. Drinks range from coffee to cocktails.

Philz - Original Mission San Francisco Coffee Shop

San Francisco cant get enough of their Philz Coffee and if it you haven’t had the pleasure yet, go here immediately. Visit the original location in the Mission for the real experience but all of their shops are excellent. Nestled in a lively and happening section of the Mission, don’t skip out on a cup of joe from Philz.

Check out these worthwhile coffee shops in San Francisco and my store here. Coffee shops are endless in San Francisco. This list could be endless as I love these ones for their different reasons and I’m sure you will too.

More than just the Best Coffee Shops in SF!

San Francisco isn’t only all about coffee. The city is full of activities that will keep your schedule full. Keep your schedule full by following this guide here: favorite places for sunrise and sunset in the Bay

Depending on how much time you have in the city, there are some must visit places. One of these places is the North Beach neighborhood. Read my North Beach Eating & Drinking Guide for all the spots you cant skip! I recommend heading here first on your trip or if you need a new neighborhood to explore.

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