Sunsets in San Francisco are some of the most memorable moments to enjoy when visiting the Bay Area. There’s something about watching the sun recede into hiding and watching the sky activate it’s vibrant colors. Here we will look at 5 of the best places to watch the sun go down in San Francisco.

Sunset Spots in San Francisco to GET to NOW


Sunsets in San Francisco

Just because you aren’t perched atop a hill doesn’t mean that you can’t witness an epic sunset. Head anywhere along the Embarcadero to experience beauty in action. The cacophony of the day fading combined with Bay views puts this on my top list for sure. TWO popular Embarcadero spots include, Pier 7 & Cupids Span

Twin Peaks

sunsets in san francisco

Twin Peaks is the spot for sunsets in San Francisco. The beauty of Twin Peaks is the 360 views it provides sunset chasers and its relatively easy accessibility. Be forewarned. This place gets very busy but don’t let it thwart your efforts as there is an abundance of different viewing areas up there.

Coit Tower

sunsets in san francisco

Coit Tower is one of San Franciscos prominent landmarks that you probably have seen when entering the city. Situated in North Beach, Coit Tower provides lovely views towards the Bridge and East Bay areas as well as direct Golden Gate Bridge views. 

Grandview Park

Sunsets in San Francisco

The name speaks for itself at Grandview Park. Besides for it’s unbelievable views over Golden Gate Park and the Sunset/Richmond District, Grandview park requires some serious effort to reach. 

Steep, and very steep stairs if you take the long route up or more steepness but tough parking situations if you drive up closer to the viewing sections. 

Combine your trip here with the 16th street stairs it’s one memorable way to end your day.

Bernal Heights Park

Bernal Heights Park is a lowkey gem on this list. Often overlooked by everywhere else on this list and more, Bernal Heights shows off more of Eastern SF and the East Bay. Those who live in the Mission/ Bernal Heights Area will love frequenting this spot. 

More than just Sunsets in San Francisco

Sunsets in San Francisco are abundant and are not to be missed. When given the opportunity, I hope you will find yourself at one of these locations because you won’t regret it. 

I hope this has helped you in anyway, and if it has, please share with someone who loves chasing that last light of the day. 

For more travel guides in the BAY, refer to my North Beach, San Francisco guides. 


Sunsets in San Francisco
BAY AREA Sunrise/Sunset Spots

Sunsets in San Francisco OR Sunrises?

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