Hiking to La Chorrera, Colombia’s tallest waterfall.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Colombia is a land full of beautiful destinations and activities. With an armada of buses & cheap flights, getting from A to B is simple as depicting hieroglyphics. No, but the options here are easy & abundant. Bogota hiking is also something you should look into. Just outside the city sits La Chorrera

La Chorrera
La Chorrera

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Bogota is a must at some point when living or visiting Bogota. Luckily enough, Colombia’s tallest waterfall is only 1 hour away in Bogota’s backyard, Choachi. Measuring in at 590 meters, this beauty is a simple day trip or can be made into an overnight-er if cool, crisp mountain air is your cup of Joe.

How do I get to La Chorrera?

First and probably the hardest part is getting to Tercer Milenio Transmilenio. It’s not hard its just not entirely easy because I think the only direct route is by taxi or walking (if you wanna extend your day go for a few extra miles).

Once you are to the Tercer Milenio Transmilenio, buy a one way ticket and tell your driver where you are going. The driver will know as the trail head unofficially starts off of the main road. The cost per ticket is around 8,000 COP each way. The scenery of rolling hills will keep your eyes hooked like a big mouth bass until your conductor (that you informed) lets you off at the trail head.

Starting the Hike

The trail head is right off of the main road adjacent to a convenience store. There’s a huge sign on the road too. If you aren’t sure about it, ask someone at the convenience store or a passerby. Continue on this path for about an hour where you will pass fincas (farms), farmers tending to their crop & a valley of lush vegetation. As you continue you might feel like you are lost but continue on the path for about one hour. The terrain is a mixture of ups, downs, & flats but primarily downhill stretches.

The Official “Entrance”

Arriving to the visitor center you will be briefed on safety & history of the area on an outdated computer and projector (below). It’s hard to watch this as the beauty of the falls is just staring you in the eyes upon arrival. Watch the video, pay your fee & continue on for the more exciting part of the hike.

Hiking to La Chorerra, Entrance Station
Hiking to La Chorerra
La Chorrera Out in the Distance, Visitor center to the left (not pictured)

Hiking to La Chorrera – from entrance station

From the visitor entrance the hike to La Chorrera is about 1 hour. However it will take longer if you’re stopping at each designated area for pictures or a quick break. The first stop you can make is at Chifl√≥n Cascade but like me I skipped and went directly to the main attraction.

The trail at this point is a narrow path that cuts through some nice lush jungle & switches between steep jagged slick rocks to mudd as the trail opens back into valley briefly. Another section of canopied covered area & an abundance of birds gives this place a particularly jungle feel. Think Costa Rica (although I’ve never been). Its what I imagine it as.

Arriving to the falls is when your hard earned steps come thanking you. The falls are massive, however on my day of visit the water wasn’t flowing like it really ideally should have been. Aside from the slow flow, the tranquility, solitude & verdance makes it all worth it.

bogota hiking

Is it all really worth it? Yes. It’s well, well worth it. Especially the drive in. Bogota hiking will gain more attention at some point. Here is the attention you need to know about now.

  • Time: Total time 4-5 hours.
  • Price: 30,000 COP: Transport 8,000 COP ( x 2) + entrance fee 12,000 COP + water/snacks
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate level hiking
  • Why? Lovely scenery. Escaping the City. Exercise.

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Have you been here? What are your thoughts on the hike and scenery?

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