Bogota Backpacking: Street Art, Traffic & More

Bogota Street Art

Welcome to Bogota, Colombia. Colombia’s capital and home to more than 8 million people. Overwhelming much? Yes, but don’t let the numbers, cold, or traffic scare you off, unless you want to miss another memorable Colombian city. So why am I here & why should you be here too? Read on for some insight into Bogota backpacking …..

Bogota Backpacking Overview

  • Street Art
  • Monserrate
  • Markets
  • Coffee
  • Museums
  • Climate & Environment
  • Location
  • Traffic & Congestion
  • Safety

Bogota Street Art

Bogota’s street art is remarkable. With an estimated 5,000 + pieces, you are almost guaranteed to see something new around every corner. With this density of art it’s no surprise that Bogota is rated as a TOP 10 City in the world for street art. Keep your eyes off of your phone and peruse the free outdoor museum.

Best way to learn about the street art and history ? Book your free tour below with Bogota Graffiti Tours. These tours provide a look into the history of Bogota’s Street Art, the current state of Bogota’s art scene & a breakdown of Colombian culture. CANT BE MISSED.


Monserrate is one of Bogota’s highest peaks and one that you need to familiarize yourself with. You will immediately notice the White cathedral on the hill and wonder what the allure is. Monserrate is a pilgrimage destination as well as one of the top tourist/local choices in Bogota

Craving a leg burning workout? Hike up before 1 pm and take in the best views of the city. Need to give your legs some solace? Use the cable cars or funicular to get yourself back down to ground level. This is a must do thing when visiting Bogota!

bogota backpacking

Bogota Markets (Mercados)

Bogota has a wide variety of excellent markets to peruse. Bogota is a melting pot of Colombians & is also a melting pot for food choices. Whether it be a 5 star restaurant that none of us backpackers are eating at (Probably). Or Bogota’s staple food, Ajiaco, your taste buds will be happier than a clam. Naturally like any other major Latin America city, the markets are a must visit. Paloquemao is a MUST, MUST, MUST. (Picture below)

Coffee in Bogota

Coffee and Colombia are synonymous. Bogota’s coffee scene like its rival city Medellin, is booming. Find yourself a solid spot and enjoy. It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include coffee on this list. Go check out one of these solid options below.

Azahar Cafe, Bogota
  • Azahar Cafe
  • Café Cultor
  • Bourbon Coffee Roasters

Best Bogota Museums

Bogota provides travelers with an excellent selection of Musuems to choose from. If you are looking for a particular type of museum, you are likely to find it. A nice aspect about museums in Bogota are that most are free or are less than $5. Some must sees include:

  • Bortero Museum – Colombia’s most famous artist
  • Museo Del Oro – The Gold Museum

Climate and Environment in Colombia's Capital

Bogota is situated at 8,660 feet above sea level which provides a crisp, cool environment. Bogota might be your city if you enjoy the chance to throw a sweatshirt on & hit the streets. However, unlike some of my flip flop toting travelers, they can’t live with the thought of throwing shoes and socks on.

Bogota is a MASSIVE city. There are countless neighborhoods that you will want to visit and some you won’t. Here are some of the most know areas of Bogota:

La Candelaria: A spot that many visitors flock to for it’s location and everything in close proximity.

Chapinero – Located in the heart of Bogota, Chapinero is the hipster hangout in this city. Microbreweries, cafes, and one of South America’s largest LGBTQ+ nightclubs 


Location. If you’re in Bogota backpacking, the location allows travelers to explore extreme differences in geography & activities. Within 6 hours from the country’s capital, visitors can:

Feeling adventurous? Bogota is the gateway to Colombia’s Amazon, which out of any Amazon in South America, is the least explored & arguably the best. Find out for yourself or take a look at my Colombia Amazon Guide

Bogota Traffic and Congestion

With the good, comes the bad. TRAFFIC. Traffic in Bogota is brutal. As expected with any major city, Bogota’s traffic can make the most tranquil monk break their silence. Don’t want to be stuck all day? Make sure you are aware of your route and where you will be in the city.

Is Bogota safe for foreign travelers?

Bogota Colombia is generally safe, but like any other city has it’s dangers. Be cautious at nights especially if you’re travelling solo and don’t speak Spanish.

Have you Budget Backpacked Bogota before?

What do you like or dislike about the City? Have I displayed what the city is like or is the traffic even worse? Where would you recommend anyone visiting to go first?

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Thanks for reading and if you need any help while traveling in Colombia, follow this link for your Colombia Trip Planner. I want to see you guys enjoying everything this beautiful country has to offer. Another resource I always use for travelling is WikiTravel

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