Marquette Coffee: Every Cafe you need to try

marquette coffee

Marquette, Michigan is home to some excellent cafes to fill up your morning, midday, or evening cup. Where do you find these places? All throughout the city. Whether if it’s a blue bird day or the snow is falling, there’s never been a better time than now to dip into one of these Marquette coffee shops to bring some warmth to the body and soul.

Marquette Coffee: Every cafe you need to try (No particular Order)

  • The Crib
  • Contrast Coffee
  • Velodrome
  • BabyCakes
  • Dead River

The Crib

marquette coffee

The crib is a converted home to cafe in the North 3rd district of Marquette. Situated on a corner lot, it’s hard to miss the big blue house with a giant fish logo on the side. If you were curious, that big ol fish is the logo of The Crib’s Coffee Roasters, Crappie Coffee Roasters. Seating and comfort is abundant as the space makes up two floors. Coffee, food, and beer are available. FREE coffee REFILLS!

Contrast Coffee

contrast coffee

Contrast is tucked a bit further down North 3rd street and has been regarded as one of the top spots in Marquette for your coffee fix. A nice layout combined with excellent food and beverage options, Contrast is a winner. In 2019, Contrast celebrated its 2 year anniversary at it’s Marquette location. Swing by and have your pick at some excellent food and drink.


marquette coffee

One of the first cafes you will pass depending on which way you come into town. Velodrome has a hip and modern decor to it. With its minimalist design, the cafe is inviting and very artistic. Their coffee, all of which is organically sourced, is amazing. Velodrome is a must stop.


marquette coffee

Babycakes makes more of a statement with their delectable treats, but the Coffee is pretty damn good too (supplied by Dead River). This place can get busy on weekends in the Summer so if time is limited you might want to get there early or try another one on the list. If you do go, get some sort of pastry as they are delicious.

Dead River Coffee

dead river coffee

Dead River is aptly named after the popular Dead River in Marquette County. The shop is warm and homey with a touch of obscurity. The coffee, unlike its name, is alive and flowing with flavor. This place is easy to miss so keep your eyes open long enough to get in there for a nice toasty treat. The outdoor bench is ideal when the weather is right.

No matter where you decide to get coffee in Marquette, you won’t be dissapointed. All of these places deliver and have their own uniqueness to them. If you can, go fill your cup up at all of them in one day or spread your caffeine fix for a weekend or semester

More than Marquette Coffee

Have I missed a worthy spot? Is there something I’m missing on this list? Please let me know and I’d gladly cover it at some point. Here is some more of my Michigan gallery throughout its different seasons if you want to browse something while sipping on your joe.

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