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If you are craving some of the best food in Marquette, you have made it to the right spot. These are some of my favorite Marquette Michigan Restaurants to eat at that you should try too! Let’s EAT.

Best Food in Marquette MI Overview:

  • My Favorite Marquette, MI places to eat
  • Local Fall Harvest 2020
  • Other Marquette Restaurants to Eat at
  • Marquette Restaurants I want to eat at
  • Marquette Food Trucks
  • Best Things to do in Marquette

Some of the Best Places to Eat in Marquette:


Donckers is one of Marquette’s most popular restaurants. The Donckers menu is a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads as well as amazing desserts. One of the major draws to Donckers are their endless amounts of chocolates and savory ice cream. Personal favorites are the Blueberry and Mackinac Fudge.

The Delft

marquette michigan restaurants

The DELFT shares walls with Donckers and shares a steady stream of visitors for their quality food. Being a converted movie theater, the Delft offers a unique dining experience with some type of entertainment projected on the main dining room wall.

The food here is New American Fare and is delicious. What makes the experience even more special is the open air kitchen that allows you too see the process of your meal being made (if you care to watch).

Java Bay

Java Bay is one of Marquette’s hidden gems. If you want the ultimate Marquette experience, order a Breakfast Burrito and your trip will instantly skyrocket. As a Breakfast Burrito snob, (from California) this is the one spot you don’t want to skip for breakfast. Get in there!

The Vierling

One of the staple restaurants in Marquette is the Vierling. The Vierling offers a bit of everything ranging from fresh fish, american fare, and pizza. They also offer their own house made beer that is some of my favorite in Marquette. Try the Blueberry if you’re feeling adventurous! CLOSED ON SUNDAY!


Looking for some Cajun cooking? The Lagniappe is Marquette’s Cajun connection, and is one of the cities top rated and talked about spots. Funny enough, this place is also adjacent to Donckers and The Delft, and should be sampled as soon as you can. More info on the link above.


Stuckos is easily one of my go to spots for a quality meal in Marquette. They serve up some phenomenal burgers and sandwiches alongside a rotating tap list of more than 10 beers. Come get a patio seat in the heart of 3rd street.

Local Fall Harvest Restaurant Week 2020

The local Fall Harvest Restaurant Week is happening now from November 8th-14th. Don’t miss out on the best deals and meals happening now!

Other Top Marquette MI Restaurants

  • Iron Bay: Nestled on the waters of Lake Superior, Iron Bay is a very popular place to eat in Marquette. Popular meals include Fishfry Friday, burgers and an array of cocktails. Stop here if you want great views, food and atmosphere.
  • Rice Paddy – The Rice Paddy Menu is one of the most talked about Asian restaurants in Marquette. Aoy serves up big Thai flavor at college level prices. The Rice Paddy is one of only two Thai food options in Marquette but well worth the visit.
  • Third Street Bagel – Third Street bagel is the best place in Marquette for those with a bagel hankering. With it’s prime location across the street from Blackrocks brewery, this place is easy to find and therefore is very busy on weekend mornings.
  • Vango’s Pizza & Cocktail Lounge – Vango’s is another Marquette favorite for those looking for some Italian Fare. Located on 3rd street, don’t hesitate to eat here when considering your options for food
  • Steinhaus – “Locally cultivated, internationally inspired. Sink your taste buds into our German and European-inspired menu, showcasing seasonal produce by local farmers. The menu proudly features locally sourced produce and grass-fed beef, pork, chicken, fish, duck and more.”
  • Queen City Burger – Serving up tasty burgers, this joint isn’t in the heart of downtown and easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. Queen city thrives with eclectic offerings and delicious sides. Burger fans will love it here.
  • Casa Calabria – One of the most popular Italian restaurants in town is Casa Calabria. Located at the end of 3rd street, this Italian joint always seems to be buzzing and provides visitors with quality food and vibes.
  • Togos – Looking for a tasty sandwich? Togos is one of the most popular places to grab a sub in Marquette. Be forewarned. You might end up waiting in a long parking line because of it’s popularity.

Places to Eat in Marquette Michigan

The Courtyards: Home of second Line T-Boys and Tapas – Lousiana flair tucked away into a taco truck on the South Side of Marquette. Get here now for seasonal cocktails and excellent Po-boys and more.

Elizabeth’s Chophouse – This is Marquette’s “fanciest restaurant” and one for those looking for fine dining. Elizabeth’s offers a daily happy hour alongside a lovely ambiance. Located right off of third street adjacent to the Vierling.

Lake Superior Pizza – Pizzas are on the menu of this tucked away off the radar joint. Follow Lincoln until you see this or K’s Oriental.

Marquette Michigan Food Trucks

  • BURGER BUS – Not a restaurant but a converted school bus turned burger machine. Make sure to find this during all seasons but winter. Regularly found at Blackrocks Brewery and Ore Dock Brewery.
  • Smelted Pizza – Smelted Pizza serves up thin Wood Fired Pizzas at your favorite brewery or pop up event. These guys have a variety of pizzas that will satisfy any pizza lovers appetite. Check out the Smelted Wood Fired Pizza Menu
  • Smok’d – Smoked meats, waffles and some tasty dishes. A unique menu will keep your taste buds and stomach satisfied.
  • Dia De Los Tacos – This taco truck is back and under new ownership! Find the BIG Blue truck around town and get your favorite meat or vegetarian tacos!
  • Fish Express – The newly opened Fish Express is located at the bottom of North 3rd Street. Come by for a variety of fish offerings 7 days a week!
  • Manny Mags – Have your event catered with the delicious Mexican offerings or find the food truck around Marquette. Stay up to date by following their facebook!
  • G’s Lakeshore Pizza – Located on Lakeshore Boulevard, G’s Pizza is about as close as you can get to Lake Superior dining. Grab a pizza and head over to the lake!
  • Senors Food Truck – Authentic Mexican cuisine served throughout the UP. If it’s around, get if it a shot!

COVID 19 Updates for Marquette Michigan Restaurants

Because of the Corona 19 Virus in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, restaurants have had to adapt to the growing list of rules an regulations. Don’t be surprised if your favorite restaurant is busy or possibly shut down because of the guidelines. Here are some things to consider when finding any of the best places to eat in Marquette:

  • There will probably be a wait if the space is small.
  • Takeout is booming. Find Marquette takeout restaurants here

You can find a lot of good food in Marquette that will satisfy the soul but you won’t find everything. For what it is, Marquette’s food will be good enough for most but can get slow or outdated for some food snobs.

More than just the Best Marquette Restaurants!

The Marquette Michigan restaurants listed here are only some that are available to you. Although I did list a majority of them, there are a few more that you can find while you’re out or talking with some other folks.

Now you didn’t come to Marquette to just eat! Here are some of the best things you can do while here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

I hope you will find your way up here because Marquette is a special place. If you want a guided tour of Marquette, ask me because I run Photo Tours. For more information on what else you should spend your time doing up here, read All the things you can do in Marquette

Thanks for reading and hope too hear from you guys. Out of all of the Marquette Michigan restaurants, where is your favorite? Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree and let me in on a secret if I’m missing anything!

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